Alice Walker Refuses to Let The Color Purple Be Published in Israel

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker has taken the very unusual step of making a public case for why she's refusing to let an Israeli publisher release her famous novel The Color Purple in Hebrew. Her choice is raising some eyebrows since her decision is motivated by her belief that Israel is an "apartheid"… »6/20/12 12:25pm6/20/12 12:25pm

Alice Walker's Daughter Rebecca Says Second Wavers Ruined Motherhood

Rebecca Walker is pissed at her mother, The Color Purple scribe and activist Alice Walker. And she decided to air her grievances about the situation in the Daily Mail, of all places, in a piece entitled "How My Mother's Fanatical Feminist Views Tore Us Apart." To Rebecca's credit, it doesn't sound like Alice was… »6/10/08 1:00pm6/10/08 1:00pm