Alice Munro's Nobel Prize Interview Is Charming and Inspiring

Alice Munro — the author behind The Lives of Girls and Women, The Moons of Jupiter and Friends of My Youth — was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature this November, but was too unwell to attend the ceremony. While her daughter Jenny was in Sweden to accept the honor on her behalf, Munro has now released a 30-minute… » 12/11/13 4:00pm 12/11/13 4:00pm

Alice Munro Becomes 13th Woman to Win Nobel Prize in Literature

Brilliant badass Alice Munro has won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature, the Nobel Committee announced today. The 82-year-old Canadian short story virtuoso was incredibly Canadian about the honor, remarking that she hopes her win will draw attention to other talented Canadian writers. Classier than Lena Horne serving… » 10/10/13 9:30am 10/10/13 9:30am

Women Of A Certain Page

Robin Black's debut story collection If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This features older women as heroines, which she points out is unfortunately unusual. Other good bets for those seeking older heroines: Alice Munro and Amy Bloom. [TAP] » 4/02/10 3:30pm 4/02/10 3:30pm

8 Awesome Books By Women: An '00s Virtual Bookshelf

This isn't a list of the best books of the decade — I've already made it clear how I feel about those. It's just a selection of especially awesome books by women, all published in the '00s. » 12/14/09 4:20pm 12/14/09 4:20pm

Teacher Invents Wallace/Gromit Brekky Machine • Aceh Considers Ban On…

• Design teacher Yuri Suzuki has created this truly awesome breakfast machine, which automatically cooks omelets from scratch, toasts bread, and brews fresh coffee. Suzuki says he was inspired by Hollywood films, including Back to the Future. • » 10/27/09 5:20pm 10/27/09 5:20pm

Munro Pulls A Heigl

Alice Munro has taken her new collection "Too Much Happiness" out of the running for Canada's prestigious Scotiabank Giller Prize, which she's won twice before - thereby ending literary nerds' hopes for a showdown with Margaret Atwood. [NYT] » 9/02/09 9:30am 9/02/09 9:30am


Canadian writer Alice Munro has won the third Man Booker International Prize, which is awarded every two years to a living fiction writer for their entire body of work. "I am totally amazed and delighted," said Munro, 77, of the award. [BBC] » 5/27/09 10:40am 5/27/09 10:40am

"Housewife Finds Time To Write Short Stories": An Evening With Alice…

The thing about privilege is that it's easy to ignore. It's part of your particular set of fated circumstances, as much a forgettable part of your self as the shape of your nose or the writing callus on your index finger. Hearing the probably-callused Canadian writer Alice Munro interviewed by fiction editor Deborah… » 10/06/08 12:30pm 10/06/08 12:30pm