Alice In Wonderland-Themed Wedding Is Sweet, Despite Groom's Eyebrows

As a true Alice In Wonderland fan — I could recite Jabberwocky by heart when I was 10 — I love the spirit behind these wedding photos. The tea party and the cat are excellent touches — hopefully there was a dormouse as well. As for the age-old question, how is a raven like a writing-desk? My answer was always: Inky… » 1/23/12 6:20pm 1/23/12 6:20pm

Tina Tells Mommy Tales, Jokes About Vogue Photoshopping

Last night, Tina Fey explained to Late Show host David Letterman that in addition to writing for 30 Rock and asking to be a bacon-eating robot for Halloween, her photo-bombing 4-year-old daughter Alice has been playing hostess to Oprah Winfrey. » 3/25/10 11:00am 3/25/10 11:00am