Did Alia Shawkat COMMIT MURDER? Only the Cards Can Tell!

What do you get when you put Arrested Development's Alia Shawkat, a bloody knife and psychic/comedian Emily Heller in one video? A very funny murder mystery where Shawkat is obviously the killer...or is she??? (No, she definitely is.) » 7/08/14 6:50pm 7/08/14 6:50pm

Adorable Gang Members Feud Adorably In Drew Barrymore's New Video

The music video for Best Coast's new track, "Our Deal," is directed by Drew Barrymore, and features a slew of young stars acting like street toughs. A la Romeo and Juliet or West Side Story, Chloe Moretz of Kick Ass and Tyler Posey of Teen Wolf are star-crossed lovers from rival gangs; iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove is uh,… » 8/03/11 12:40pm 8/03/11 12:40pm

Javier & Penelope Are Now Husband & Wife

"Look At How Funky He Is": The Best Teen Witch Rap Tributes

We're not the only ones who love Teen Witch's "Top That" rap sequence. The scene has spawned tributes from the likes of Alia Shawkat, Andy Samberg, Kenneth The Page, and the Totally Rad Show. » 5/14/10 6:20pm 5/14/10 6:20pm

Whip It!'s Ellen Page & Alia Shawkat Are Convincing Real-Life Best…

Real life BFFs ("we text") and Whip It! stars Ellen Page and Alia Shawkat talk about leeches, feeling sorry for the guys on the set of Whip It!, and their interesting movie choice on a recent trip to (wink) Amsterdam. » 9/28/09 6:00pm 9/28/09 6:00pm