A Young Helen Mirren Met Alfred Hitchcock and They Mutually Disliked Each Other (Of Course)

Much has been made of late about iconic director Alfred Hitchcock's horrible, fear-based treatment of his pet "blondes," like the allegations of sexual harassment leveled against the late Hitchcock by The Birds actress Tippi Hedren. No less than two films came out this year about the director's private life: The Girl,… »11/24/12 5:05pm11/24/12 5:05pm


Tippi Hedren Reveals "Evil, Deviant" Hitchcock's On-Set Sexual Harassment

Alfred Hitchcock has long been accused of putting his "cool blondes" through the ringer on movie sets; as a kid, I remember my mom telling me that Tippi Hedren had a real-life nervous breakdown on the set of The Birds after she filmed the famous attack scene, during which actual birds were hurled at her face for… »8/04/12 2:30pm8/04/12 2:30pm

Actress Takes Out Full Page Ad to Report That a Movie Somehow Raped Her

Actress Kim Novak once made a name for herself freaking out onscreen in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. These days, she's making a name for herself freaking out in the pages of Variety and claiming that a recent movie that used part of the score from the classic thriller has literally raped her. A movie. Literally. Raped.… »1/11/12 2:35pm1/11/12 2:35pm

Entertainment Earth: Weird Gifts For The Freaks & Geeks On Your List

Let's face it, everyone's got a little bit of freak in 'em, and everybody knows somebody who's a crazy fanboy — or fangirl — even if the movie/TV show/band they're obsessed with is a little left of center. It's for those people that the Entertainment Earth catalog exists. If you're into Harry Potter, Dexter, The Dark… »12/09/08 4:00pm12/09/08 4:00pm