Alexa Chung Doesn't Want to be Your Thinspo: 'Just Because I Exist in This Shape Doesn't Mean I'm Advocating It'

It sure sounds like Alexa Chung had some things to get off her chest about fashion, body image, and self-esteem. The British former model and television presenter had to temporarily shut down her Instagram in April after her followers started commenting obsessively about her body in ways almost anyone would find… »10/12/12 2:40pm10/12/12 2:40pm


Alexa Chung Shuts Down Her Instagram Account Over Bodysnarking

Alexa Chung has shut down her Instagram account after finding that virtually every photo she posted elicited a string of negative comments about her body. Things reached a nadir when the above image of Chung with her mother, which the ex-model/writer/T.V. presenter/fashion personage published yesterday, drew responses… »4/18/12 1:40pm4/18/12 1:40pm