'Jeopardy' Is a Bitch If You Can't Say 'Elaine' Like an Amurrican

On last night's episode of Jeopardy, a contestant, Fidelito, was penalized for mispronouncing "Elaine" in a question about Julia Louis-Dreyfuss' character from Seinfeld. Except Fidelito didn't really mispronounce the name; he just doesn't have a rock-solid American accent (as if such a thing definitively exists). But »10/02/13 3:10pm10/02/13 3:10pm

Katy Perry Taking Showbiz Hiatus to Slather Vaseline on Raw, Sensitive Cockles of Heart

Katy Perry — now dating Ghostbuster Dan Florence + The Machine guitarist Robert Aykroyd — is taking a break from showbiz after her doc Katy Perry: Part Of Me is released, in order to let her heart and/or cupcake boobs heal after Aldous Snow poured Malibu rum all over them and devoured them en flambé. If she spends… »6/25/12 9:00am6/25/12 9:00am