Natasha Lyonne and That Dude From Girls Star in Funny New Tanlines Vid

As anyone who follows Tanlines’ Twitter knows, the Brooklyn boy duo is known for its humor almost as much as its breezy resort-weekend tunes. That shines through in their new video for “Palace,” which stars Natasha Lyonne as the beleaguered, more-adult girlfriend of that dude from HBO’s Girls, with a crux of the joke… »6/22/15 1:30pm6/22/15 1:30pm


Alex Karpovsky of Girls on Next Season, Reading Blogs, Playing (Adorable) Jerks

Oh, Alex Karpovsky. I want to be crass at you in a million ways but I don't want to go to jail. The adorable minx is best known as Hannah's better half/exercise enthusiast Adam cafe dictator Ray on Girls, this guy is tops. I know everyone is mixed on Girls, and the show has its problems, ones we need to keep talking… »11/28/12 11:30pm11/28/12 11:30pm