The Days Are Now Bleak, Not Festive, For Mimi

Today in Tweet Beat, Mariah is trying to stretch out Christmas for as long as possible. Plus, Kelly Bensimon has a weird way of saying hello. » 1/06/11 7:30pm 1/06/11 7:30pm

Celebs React To No On Prop 19

Today in Tweet Beat, some celebrities are disappointed that marijuana was not legalized for recreational use in California yesterday. Meanwhile, Heidi Montag seems like she's high anyway. » 11/03/10 7:30pm 11/03/10 7:30pm

Feud Of The Day: Chelsea Handler Vs. Nick Cannon

Today in Tweet Beat, the feud between Chelsea Handler and Nick Cannon leaves us asking, "Why?" Plus, Tyra proves she's down-to-earth because she makes her own bed. » 10/15/10 7:45pm 10/15/10 7:45pm

Facebook Outage Has Celebs Thinking About Social Media Trends

Today in Tweet Beat, celebs are forced to deal with a Facebook blackout, Dave Navarro goes to the dentist, and Teresa Giudice demonstrates her fiscal responsibility. » 9/23/10 7:45pm 9/23/10 7:45pm

Sarah Palin Tweets A Spacetime Mind-Eff

Today in Tweet Beat, Sarah Palin doesn't like the way that President Obama remembers the past in the future that she's predicted. Also, Heidi Montag has a nightmare about her nose. » 8/31/10 7:30pm 8/31/10 7:30pm