Drinking Turns Women Into Sad Insomniacs

We've long known that alcohol kills brain cells and that long term alcohol abuse can interfere with mental health. Now, new research has found that while heavy drinking affects both men and women's ability to produce an important mood-controlling neurotransmitter, it affects ladybrains three times faster than it… » 11/09/11 6:40pm 11/09/11 6:40pm

Bjork Feels Bad For China; Hair Dye Equals Death

• Bjork feels sorry for China. You know, over all that Tibet stuff. • Italian porn star runs for office, promises to create "cute" red light district. • H.S. teacher resigns after being outed as madam. • Macho, alcoholic men have trouble dealing with serious injuries. • Gabrielle Union sues Craigslist pranksters over… » 4/11/08 5:20pm 4/11/08 5:20pm

Cosmetics That Woulda Made Dorothy Parker Proud

Long before the advent of strawberry-flavored cocaine and the Cosmopolitan cocktail, women were enjoying other adventures in mixing fun flavors with mood-altering substances. According to this news item taken from an old issue of Popular Science, the cosmetics-minded, booze-drinking women of America were painting… » 6/28/07 2:53pm 6/28/07 2:53pm