It's Time for Sorority Women to Have Their Own Damn Parties and Booze

In the midst of our ongoing and incredibly frustrating campus rape discussion, one odd fact keeps disappearing and reemerging from the conversation: sororities are formally prohibited from serving alcohol at official Greek events, while fraternities, um, serve quite a lot of it. Would allowing sororities to serve… » 1/20/15 10:50am 1/20/15 10:50am

A Lot of Kids Will Try Booze For the First Time This Month

The holiday season is that special time of the year when the scent of pine is in the air, generosity prevails and teenagers begin their slow descent into a recurring series of poor decision making fueled by alcohol, commonly known as adulthood. » 12/26/14 6:30pm 12/26/14 6:30pm

How to Drink All Night at the Holiday Party and Not Be That Guy

Listen, drinking all night is not healthy. But it's holiday party season, that perfect storm of open bar and all of your colleagues waiting to see who will be this year's obnoxious, puking, passed out and/or dead person at the party. Don't be that guy. » 12/12/14 5:21pm 12/12/14 5:21pm

First off, let's review the science of drunk. In order to survive…

Bar Serving a 'Roofie Colada': C'mon Guys, It's A Joke!

Staten Island, known to most in the tri-state area as a mecca of subtlety and restraint, has in its borders a liquor depository/social gathering place called The Phunky Elephant, a bar that, until recently, boasted on its menu something called a "Roofie Colada." Some patrons, it turns out, were not pleased with their… » 11/26/14 4:50pm 11/26/14 4:50pm

​Restaurant Accidentally Serves Children Alcoholic Beverages

A Joe's Crab Shack in Colorado (because crabs naturally occur right in the middle of America) has a bit of explaining to do after accidentally giving a group of six young children between the ages of 2 and 8 years old, drinks with alcohol in it. Yikes. » 11/09/14 3:22pm 11/09/14 3:22pm

Conservative Think Tank: You Dumb Broads Worry Too Much About Roofies

A conservative think tank has embarked upon a quest to convince us all that women worry way too much about getting drugged and raped. This is an interesting hill to die on. » 10/22/14 12:10pm 10/22/14 12:10pm

Rich People Are Ruining Red Wine By Putting Their Buttholes in It

Do you enjoy a nice glass of red wine with your dinner? Well, next time you take a delicate sip of your Merlot and feel it slide down your throat, remember that someone, somewhere is dipping their dirty ass in a barrel of Bordeaux at the same time. » 10/20/14 7:15pm 10/20/14 7:15pm

Binge Drinking Leads to a Lower Sperm Count; A Nation of Bros Weeps

Men who consume five drinks or more a week are at risk for reduced sperm quality, according to a study published in BMJ Open. Hold all the bros in your life just a little tighter tonight as they grapple with this news. » 10/03/14 5:00pm 10/03/14 5:00pm

$150 Will Get You This Bottle of Sparking Non-Alcoholic Wine With GOLD

The next time you find yourself dining in Dubai (as one does), consider wetting your whistle with a $150 bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling white wine, with flecks of edible 24-carat gold leaf. You see, the bubbles make the gold dance, like a very expensive snow globe. » 9/12/14 12:40pm 9/12/14 12:40pm

The Hamptons Are Running Out of Rosé, Summer Is Officially Over

There is a rosé emergencé in New York's summer getaway spots and there aren't enough bottles to go around. As first world problems go, this is right up there with your iPhone hosting so many apps that it can’t shoulder a new one and your sun hat’s brim being too short. Struggle. » 8/28/14 10:20am 8/28/14 10:20am

Date Rape Drug Detecting Nail Polish Will Not Possibly Work

If you thought it smelled a bit like acetone and bullshit, you were right. That innovative nail polish that promised to detect date rape drugs has been the subject of both praise and scrutiny over the last week, but this tidbit should change the tenor of the conversation a bit: an exasperated-sounding pharmaceutical… » 8/27/14 12:45pm 8/27/14 12:45pm

Watch This Majestic Supercut of Drunk, Barfing NYC Brunch Patrons

To those unfortunate enough to live or stroll near NYC's Pranna on a weekend afternoon, the restaurant/club's unlimited drinks brunch deal only causes headaches. Stumbling out of the establishment are patrons intoxicated to the point of unruliness, barfing, daytime dick unsheathing, and other such booze-related… » 8/25/14 3:45pm 8/25/14 3:45pm

Do Different Kinds Of Alcohol Get You Different Kinds Of Drunk?

When your friend gets tipsy and starts rambling about how tequila turns her into a savage party monster, and then your other friend vehemently calls bullshit, calmly put your hands up and say this: "Friends. Please. I got this." And then explain to them what I'm about to explain to you. » 8/15/14 4:01pm 8/15/14 4:01pm

Guy Fieri's New Menu Offers a 52-oz Bloody Mary Garnished with Sausage

It appears that Guy Fieri, Clown Prince of Flavortown, is in the breakfast game now, and he's taken to it like a duck wearing backwards sunglasses riding a skateboard through a lake of flames. The menu at Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Grill includes "Dragon's Breath Chili Cornbread Benedict," "Chicken Fried Bacon… » 8/01/14 8:30pm 8/01/14 8:30pm

Let's Look at Unrealistic Stock Photos of Drunk Women

The world is a dark and frightening place with little respite and, as such, you must cling to surprising, simple pleasures wherever you find them. If you're a gracious person, you might even be so kind to share your discovery with others so that they too experience this thing called "happiness." I am one of these… » 7/17/14 6:45pm 7/17/14 6:45pm