Blonde, Self-Tanning Essex Teen Girl Has Higher IQ Than Einstein And Everyone's Annoyingly Surprised

16-year-old Essex student Lauren Marbe, who took the MENSA test for fun with other students from Roding Valley High School in Loughton, scored a 161: one point higher than the MENSA scores of Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein. In the UK, the average score is around 100. Awesome. I live for this shit.… » 2/16/13 1:30pm 2/16/13 1:30pm

As a Husband, Einstein Was More of an Asshole Than a Genius

Albert Einstein may have been a genius, but he certainly doesn't seem to have been the best estranged husband in the world. In 1914, his marriage to Mileva Marić was falling apart. He proposed they stay together for the good of their kids—but he had a few conditions if they were going to make it work. Letters of Note… » 4/18/12 9:45pm 4/18/12 9:45pm