There Is a Christian Shelter Called The Glory Hole

Yes. Yes there is. This is the actual name of an emergency homeless shelter in Juneau, Alaska. From our good friends over at Christian Nightmares, via the Friendly Atheist and Romenesko: » 3/10/15 4:50pm 3/10/15 4:50pm

Attention, Attention: Winter Is No Longer Funny or Cute

It is the second-to-last week in February and here on the east coast of these United States, it feels like winter will never end. All the joy is gone. And I am very sorry, but cheeky jokes about winter are no longer funny, because the relentlessly biting cold has frozen my sense of humor. » 2/19/15 7:10pm 2/19/15 7:10pm

'Oh Fucking Hell No!': Audio of Bristol Palin's Epic Meltdown

Remember that time that the Palins all got together to look at Russia from their house (and just wave to it a little) and instead of a nice gathering where everyone talked about what a hero Bristol was for abstaining from sex, it turned into a fight with some old man calling her a "cunt" and a "slut"? Here's audio. » 10/21/14 9:30pm 10/21/14 9:30pm

Juicy Scenes From the Police Report on the Palin Family Throwdown

Back in September, news broke that the Palin clan had apparently been involved in some birthday party altercation back in Wasilla. Well, the cops have released their report on the incident and boy howdy, it doesn't do anybody involved any favors whatsoever. » 10/09/14 7:20pm 10/09/14 7:20pm

News Reporter Resigns Live on the Air: "Fuck It. I Quit."

A television reporter in Alaska quit on live TV so she could focus on her work as a marijuana legalization activist in the state. This is too perfect for real life. » 9/22/14 9:45am 9/22/14 9:45am

Regular Person Sarah Palin Got a Speeding Ticket

Sarah Palin is not the Vice President. She's not the Governor of Alaska. She's not an elected official. She's not a Fox News contributor, and she's not a panelist on The View. She's also not a comedian or a professional driver. » 7/22/14 5:40pm 7/22/14 5:40pm

Senator Wants Women to Take Pregnancy Tests Before Drinking at Bars

A state senator in Alaska who wants women to take pregnancy tests before drinking in bars also decried birth control as something only taken by irresponsible people. » 3/26/14 10:20am 3/26/14 10:20am

This Hero Dog Saved a Man's Life After His Snowmobile Crashed

Meet Amber, hero dog and loyal, loving companion. She is credited for saving the life of her owner after a snowmobile crash left him stranded in the woods for more than 26 hours. » 3/06/14 10:30pm 3/06/14 10:30pm

Mother Forced to Leave Dying Infant to Direct Rescuers to Plane Crash

News of yet another aviation disaster (this one in the all-but-impenetrable Alaska wilderness) has an extra heart-wrenching twist: a mother who survived a plane crash in remote southwest Alaska was forced to leave her fatally injured infant son to lead rescuers slowed by fog to the crash site. » 12/01/13 12:00pm 12/01/13 12:00pm

Sarah Palin Teases a Senate Run Because She Likes Teasing

Sarah Palin went on Sean Hannity's radio show Tuesday to talk about how President Obama is ruining America blah blah blah. She said nothing new or interesting, except that she might run for Senate in Alaska. Which is definitely not interesting, but at least it's new. » 7/10/13 11:50am 7/10/13 11:50am

Baby Polar Bear Melts Our Hearts Like Climate Change Melts So Many…

After his mom was killed by a hunter, Kali the polar bear was orphaned and taken to the Alaska Zoo. She's about three months old, and weighs 18 pounds, and is basically a walking stuffed animal. » 3/25/13 11:30pm 3/25/13 11:30pm

Alaska Republicans Actually Laugh at the Mention of Civil Unions

If you ever wondered just where all that Republican derision for same-sex marriage comes from, this video of Alaska's Republican-led House Majority Caucus giggling at the mere suggestion that they consider domestic partnerships for same-sex couples will pretty much answer that question: the GOP is crammed full of… » 2/17/13 5:00pm 2/17/13 5:00pm

Gross New York Times Reader Unconvinced That 'Gorgeous' and 'Polished'…

New York Times' advertising columnist Stuart Elliott recently received a query from a concerned reader who was troubled after seeing a Taco Bell commercial filmed in Bethel, Alaska, which features a pretty and "polished" woman — with "awfully" light skin, no less! » 8/29/12 5:30pm 8/29/12 5:30pm

Uh-Oh, Halle Berry's Condition Unknown After On-Set Head Injury

Halle Berry was rushed to the hospital last night after she slipped and hit her head on concrete while shooting upcoming movie The Hive in Los Angeles, co-starring Abigail Breslin. She was taken to Cedars-Sinai around 10 PM and her condition "remains unclear." » 7/18/12 9:00am 7/18/12 9:00am

Awesome Cat Mayor Proudly Presides Over Alaska Town

Congratulations are in order for Stubbs, the tailless part manx cat who recently celebrated his 15th anniversary of becoming the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska. Not only has he singlehandedly (paw-dedly?) put his town on the map, he may already be on the short list for Vice President! » 7/16/12 3:00pm 7/16/12 3:00pm

Washington Post Reporters Travel to Alaska to Find Men with Limited…

The most shocking thing about this article written by two Washington Post reporters who "head to Alaska to find romance" is that it's not a romantic comedy starring Amy Adams and Ginnifer Goodwin. Not yet, at least. » 6/28/12 3:00pm 6/28/12 3:00pm

When You Have an Eagle, a Cat, and a Tiny Fox, Anything Is Possible

Oh, no big deal, just a few cats, an eagle, and an adorable little fox all hanging out together on a porch in Unalaska, Alaska, not even trying to kill each other. Nature is so beautiful, you guys. » 3/27/12 10:00am 3/27/12 10:00am

Lawmaker Named Dick Thinks Gals Should Have Men Sign Abortion…

Oh hey, another terrible idea about abortion! This time, it's coming from Alaska, the home of other terrible ideas like the Palins and the midnight sun. Not only is the state currently considering a bill that would require doctors to perform medically unnecessary ultrasounds on women prior to their receiving… » 3/21/12 5:30pm 3/21/12 5:30pm