Watch Alan Rickman and Kate Winslet Build Versailles in This Trailer

Hold onto your bonnets: Here's a trailer for a movie starring Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman, directed by Rickman, in which he plays Louis XIV and she plays landscape architect Sabine De Barra. She's hired to create a rockwork garden at Versailles and finds herself romancing Le Nôtre, the man charged with designing the… »2/25/15 6:30pm2/25/15 6:30pm


Harry Potter: How Do The Heroes of the Books Compare to the Heroes of the Movies?

Any time a beloved book series becomes a movie (or eight), fans trip over themselves to point out how the film version fails to capture the detail and magic of the books. With nothing is this more true than with Harry Potter and, to be fair, fans have a point. Like you know how [SPOILER ALERT. THIS IS A SPOILER ALERT.… »7/10/12 7:10pm7/10/12 7:10pm