America's Shittiest States Begin Formally Barring Syrian Refugees [UPDATED]

Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama and Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas have both released statements claiming that their shitty states will not welcome Syrian refugees following the mid-November ISIS attacks on Paris, France. (Neither governor noted similar concern over the similar terrorist attacks in Beirut.) »11/16/15 2:10pm11/16/15 2:10pm


Alabama Teacher of the Year Resigns After Dept. of Ed. Deems Her Unqualified

Ann Marie Corgill is, by all accounts, an excellent educator. She’s been teaching elementary school for the past 21 years and has been nominated for several Teacher of the Year awards, even winning that title in Alabama in 2014. But now, after joining a new school and being shifted from teaching second grade to fifth… »11/02/15 1:50pm11/02/15 1:50pm

Federal Judge Orders Alabama to Reinstate Planned Parenthood in the Medicaid Program 

A federal judge has told Alabama that they can’t cancel Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid contract, ordering them to reinstate the non-profit into the program. Alabama is one of several states who are trying to boot PP out of their Medicaid programs on the basis of sting videos produced by the anti-abortion Center for… »10/28/15 5:50pm10/28/15 5:50pm

Hillary Clinton Calls Alabama's Voting Laws a 'Blast From the Jim Crow Past'

In a speech delivered last night in Alabama, Hillary Clinton called the state’s voting laws a “blast from the Jim Crow past.” She accused Alabama Republicans, including governor Robert Bentley, of purposefully undoing the progress made in the state during the civil rights movement. »10/18/15 12:45pm10/18/15 12:45pm

RIP Helen Keller's Oak Tree, Dead at 200 After a Long and Influential Life

On September 22, workers cut down a well-loved 200-year-old oak tree at Ivy Green, writer Helen Keller’s childhood home in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Keller, who lost both sight and hearing at 19 months, was once trapped in the tree during a storm until Annie Sullivan, her teacher and companion, carried her to safety. The… »9/22/15 6:40pm9/22/15 6:40pm

'Hundreds' Watched Two College Students Sexually Assault Woman on Beach

Two college students from Troy University in Alabama have been arrested and charged with sexual battery for allegedly sexually assaulting an incapacitated woman at a Panama City, Florida beach during spring break. Police said that “hundreds” of people witnessed the assault, but no one intervened. »4/13/15 11:10am4/13/15 11:10am

Anti-Gay Alabama Judge Roy Moore Swears He Has Lots of Gay Friends

Earlier this week, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore tried a last-ditch, unsuccessful effort to stop gay marriage in the state, directing state and officials and employees to just not grant marriage licenses, in defiance of a recent federal ruling. But Moore, who has called homosexuality "evil," wants you to know all… »2/12/15 1:10pm2/12/15 1:10pm

Alabama Chief Justice Tells Judges to Deny Gay Marriage Licenses

Albama's chief justice Judge Roy. S. Moore — once declared Man of the Year by Ann Coulter — issued a late-night order Sunday to the state's local officials, banning them from granting marriage licenses to gay couples. Same-sex marriages were set to begin in the state today, after Alabama's ban on gay marriage was… »2/09/15 9:30am2/09/15 9:30am