Alabama Prisons Ordered to Improve 'Horrendously Inadequate' Treatment of Inmates With Mental Illness

U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson ordered Alabama to improve prison conditions for its mentally ill inmates on Tuesday, after finding the state’s prisons provide “horrendously inadequate” care for incarcerated people wth psychiatric problems. “Surprisingly,” the ruling reads, “the evidence from both sides…extensively…

Corrections Officer Allegedly Told Inmate Who Later Died By Suicide, 'You Want to Kill Yourself? Here You Go—Do It With This.'

Jamie Wallace died last week, found hanging from a piece of cloth in his prison cell, according to the Alabama Department of Corrections. Twenty-four years old, he was first incarcerated at 18, after pleading guilty to the murder of his mother. In six years, he was placed on suicide watch more than 60 times.


Inmate Commits Suicide at Alabama Correctional Facility Just Days after DOJ Opens Investigation into State Prisons

Earlier this month, Robert Deangelo Carter, serving a life sentence for a fatal 2010 stabbing, committed suicide while being held in solitary confinement at Holman Correctional Facility. Carter’s death came just three days after the Justice Department announced a statewide investigation into conditions inside…