Shemane Nugent Arrested for Bringing Blunderbuss to Airport Security

Today in IRONY: The Magazine Dedicated to Anecdotal Instances of Celebrities Getting Hoisted by Their Own Petards & Other Comical Juxtapositionings, Ted Nugent's gun-enthused spouse Shemane Nugent was detained Friday at a Dallas-area airport for trying to go through a security checkpoint with a loaded gun. Public… » 9/01/13 11:30am 9/01/13 11:30am

Slender Lorises Mistakenly Accept Invitation to Ill-Fated Pants Party

Two adorable slender lorises unwittingly RSVPed to what, by all accounts, should have been a smashing good pants party. They probably spent weeks picking out funny pants (assless chaps? plaid? bell bottoms?) and telling their loris friends, who all said things like, "Oooo, take pictures!" and "Don't get too wasted!"… » 9/11/12 6:45pm 9/11/12 6:45pm

Meet the Creepy Lady Robot Who Will Now Help You at the Airport

Of all the things our airports need these days, more working bathrooms, better food options, and fewer epicly shitty delays would probably top the list. But rather than getting those things, those of us who live in New York are apparently instead getting an unsettling avatar who is designed to replace human customer… » 5/22/12 11:00pm 5/22/12 11:00pm

TSA Screenings to Be Slightly Less Gropey

Complaints of TSA agents getting way too up close and personal while searching passengers have sprung up from virtually every corner of society. Supermodel Bar Refaeli recently took to her Twitter account to say she'd been felt up by one agent, and Rep. Francisco Canseco publicly accused the TSA of assault after he… » 4/26/12 10:20am 4/26/12 10:20am

Escaped Puppy Runs on to Runway and Causes Cutest Airport Delay Ever

Normally, airport delays are anything but adorable, though there was an exception today at New York's La Guardia Airport. A dog got loose from its cage as it was being boarded on to a plane and ran onto a runway. The puppy, a 30-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback named Byrdie, caused an approximately 10-minute delay in… » 4/25/12 11:15pm 4/25/12 11:15pm

Man Strips Down at Airport Security to Protest the TSA Getting All Up in His Business

There are plenty of reasons to dislike the TSA—any organization that hates cupcakes as much as they do should certainly be given some serious side eye. But one traveler got so fed up with them bothering him that in a burst of rage he got naked in the security line at the airport in protest. It's like when the… » 4/18/12 11:55pm 4/18/12 11:55pm

TSA Forces Woman to Use Her Breast Pump Before She Can Take It Through Security

In another shining moment in airport security history, a TSA agent at Kauai's Lihue Airport last week refused to let a woman bring her breast pump through security because the milk bottles were empty. Amy Strand, of Maui, was traveling with her 9-month old daughter and was carrying the electric pump. She was told she… » 3/05/12 12:00pm 3/05/12 12:00pm

Canada Screws Up Royally and Refuses to Let Transgender People Fly

Well, so much for our neighbors to the north being a paragon of politeness and acceptance. There's been a disturbing change made to Canadian airport security screening rules which means that now transgender people are not allowed to board airplanes in the country. That is obviously hugely problematic and insane for… » 1/30/12 9:45pm 1/30/12 9:45pm

Obama Doesn't Have Time for Jan Brewer's Shit, But Don't Tell Her That

President Obama arrived in Phoenix yesterday and was greeted at the airport by Arizona governor Jan Brewer. And that was where the niceties ended. Brewer gave Obama a hand-written letter, and then the two got into a tense conversation. They were seen talking over each other, and she pointed at him. Then Obama walked… » 1/26/12 10:20am 1/26/12 10:20am

Five Ways To Entertain Yourself In An Airport

With massive hordes of people flying and bad weather predicted, there's a good chance you might find yourself stuck in an airport this holiday season. Whether you're there with an extra hour to kill or you're stuck for days on end because of a weather apocalypse, the airport is a tedious, crowded, and soul-deadening… » 12/23/11 1:00pm 12/23/11 1:00pm

Airport Employee Canned After Reporting Abused Dog

Lynn Jones, a baggage handler at Reno-Tahoe International Airport, was fired from her job after she refused to load a severely abused dog onto a plane. Jones says the hunting dog was covered with sores and TSA agents couldn't get it to stand up to be X-rayed. "Everyone who saw it, the TSA people, the Airport Police… » 12/06/11 9:50am 12/06/11 9:50am

Airport Bathroom Delivery Combines Fun Of Travel & Childbirth

We've heard of women delivering their babies in all sorts of strange places, but a Maryland woman may have found one of the most awful ways to usher a new life into the world: In an airport, on the bathroom floor, during one of the busiest travel days of the year. The woman had just stepped off a flight at… » 11/29/11 11:29pm 11/29/11 11:29pm

TSA Makes Flying Less Heinous For 1%, Promises To Appease The Rest Of Us Soon

Your uncontrollable fits of rage toward the TSA haven't gone unnoticed. TSA chief John Pistole recently told a Congressional panel that he plans to implement strategies that are effective, yet allow passengers to travel without the feeling that TSA agents think they've killed someone and are determined to find… » 11/08/11 10:40am 11/08/11 10:40am

Airport Sedition: The Surge Isn't Working And Neither Is John McCain's Common Sense

I'm chilling out at Frankfurt Airport, desperately trying not to eavesdrop on any of the completely uninteresting conversations going on around me or gag from the smells of weird German lunch meats wafting up from the group of old people eating behind me. Luckily I have the redesigned Washington Independent's … » 7/16/08 10:00am 7/16/08 10:00am