Did This 'Tiara-Wearing Lunatic' Bite a Fellow Plane Passenger or Is It Just a Case of Class Envy?

New York art curator Stacy Engman (who has a very colorful Instagram, for what it’s worth) was issued a summons for assault after allegedly biting a fellow first class passenger on a flight from Istanbul to JFK last summer. The best detail of the case: Engman, ever the elegant lady, was wearing a tiara when the biting…


Iranian-American Dallas City Official Says He Was Stopped From Boarding Virgin Flight [Updated]

Bobby Abtahi, a Dallas attorney who also serves as the vice-chair of the City Plan Commission, tweeted Monday that Virgin Airlines wouldn’t allow him to board a flight in New York. A crew member told him the captain didn’t feel “comfortable” with him on board. Abtahi, a Dallas native, is Iranian-American.

‘Screaming Woman’ Removed From Flight After Hitting a Passenger and Kissing a Flight Attendent

An unidentified expert traveler caused a flight from Miami to Chicago to make an emergency landing in Indianapolis on Monday afternoon. USA Today reports American Airlines flight 1284 was “just an hour” from its destination when the pilot decided to land after a “screaming woman” just wouldn’t quit with the disruptive…