‘Screaming Woman’ Removed From Flight After Hitting a Passenger and Kissing a Flight Attendent

An unidentified expert traveler caused a flight from Miami to Chicago to make an emergency landing in Indianapolis on Monday afternoon. USA Today reports American Airlines flight 1284 was “just an hour” from its destination when the pilot decided to land after a “screaming woman” just wouldn’t quit with the disruptive… »9/15/15 4:20pm9/15/15 4:20pm


Mom With Crying Baby Unwisely Uses the Emergency Exit to Get Off the Plane Faster

There is nothing that makes you more desperate to escape the claustrophobic confines of an airplane than a screaming child. It can certainly feel like an emergency when one is in the vicinity, but one woman in Vietnam got a little carried away with the urgency of the situation. Her child was screaming and she wanted… »2/16/12 11:15pm2/16/12 11:15pm

Canada Screws Up Royally and Refuses to Let Transgender People Fly

Well, so much for our neighbors to the north being a paragon of politeness and acceptance. There's been a disturbing change made to Canadian airport security screening rules which means that now transgender people are not allowed to board airplanes in the country. That is obviously hugely problematic and insane for… »1/30/12 9:45pm1/30/12 9:45pm

Flight Attendant Photographed Performing Alleged Mid-Flight Oral Sex on Pilot

A series of pixellated, blurry photos that show a woman in a flight attendant's uniform performing mid-flight oral sex on a pilot have prompted a full investigation by the woman's employer. After that airplane themed verse in N.E.R.D's "Lapdance," it was really only a matter of time. In fact, I'm surprised it didn't… »8/07/11 11:29am8/07/11 11:29am