Best Ever Flight Attendant Gets Down to 'Uptown Funk' For Passengers

Sometimes you've just got to dance. And sometimes, if you're a flight attendant and you need to relieve some stress while entertaining your passengers, you have to dance for them, showing off your sick moves like no one is watching. Except everyone is watching. And it is awesome. » 3/11/15 3:50pm 3/11/15 3:50pm

Goodnight, Sweet Prince: SkyMall Files for Bankruptcy 

Not even the might of Paula Deen could save our most beloved and confusing of seat back pocket catalogs. SkyMall is flying off into the animatronic lawn gnome-littered Elysian fields of the defunct catalog afterlife. » 1/23/15 11:10am 1/23/15 11:10am

Why You Fart More on an Airplane (and What You Can Do About It)

Flatulence is common when you're flying. The BBC explains the science of why we fart more on airplanes and offers some tips on reducing this discomfort and avoid being that person passing gas on the plane. » 12/23/14 3:55pm 12/23/14 3:55pm

Passenger Shaming: Airplane Travelers Who Are Completely Disgusting

A delightfully disgusting website seeks to expose the savage behavior of human beings on airplanes. And it is truly, truly something to behold. » 9/18/14 1:30pm 9/18/14 1:30pm

I Will Dress Like a Slob on an Airplane and No One Can Stop Me

There are people out there — fancy, elegant people — who strongly argue the case for dressing nicely on airplanes."The plane is not your living room," they say. "Dressing well around other people is a show of respect so why not put in a little effort when you travel?" The answer is easy: Because I don't want to and… » 9/10/14 3:00pm 9/10/14 3:00pm

Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Man Uses Anti-Reclining Device

Flying is a terrible indignity and if my entire family didn't live in the Midwest, I'd never do it because no trip up the majestic coast of California is worth 12+ total hours of X-raying, shoe removing, recycled baby poop air breathing, awkward water glass spilling knee bumping claustrophobia. Plus, what's the deal… » 8/26/14 1:45pm 8/26/14 1:45pm

108 Top AIDS Researchers Killed in Malaysia Airlines Crash [Updated]

The Malaysian plane that was shot down over the Ukraine yesterday by a group that has yet to take responsibility contained over 100 of the world's leading AIDS researchers en route to a conference in Melbourne, Australia. Someone may literally have shot the cure for AIDS out of the sky. Great fucking job, humanity. » 7/18/14 10:00am 7/18/14 10:00am

Most Air Travellers Actually Do Like to Make a Little Small Talk

Have you ever flown solo and been terrified to talk to the person next to you, because you're worried you'll be viewed as some desperately needy, lonely old weirdo? Well it turns out, you're obsessing over nothing. » 6/10/14 6:50pm 6/10/14 6:50pm

Looking for Some Sexual Harassment? Try Being a Flight Attendant

Air travel has changed so much since the days of Mad Men, boozing businessmen and socially acceptable sexual harassment. So you'd think that, by now, everyone would have gotten the message to leave the flight attendants the hell alone. Not so, apparently! » 2/21/14 10:20am 2/21/14 10:20am

Spirit Airlines Advertises Discounts With Overt Pussy Joke

Discount air carrier Spirit Airlines is offering travelers a discount on trips to the Caribbean. Sorry— to use their words, they're inviting travelers to "go down on them" to the Caribbean since they've "shaved" their fares. Get it? Pussy. » 1/22/14 7:00pm 1/22/14 7:00pm

Here's Virgin America's Surprisingly Fun Safety Video

Virgin America has managed to do the impossible: make it look, for a few minutes, that commercial flights are funky experiences for skinny tie-wearing stylish people having a great time instead of bleak desperate slogs between city outskirts punctuated by elbow fights with surprisingly aggressive Bible-reading… » 10/30/13 11:00am 10/30/13 11:00am

In-Flight Wealth Disparity Is Hastening America’s Cultural Revolution

These bourgeois pigs in business class must be purged from our skies. Why let them board an airplane early, free from the desperate urge to jostle for a space in the overhead bin for their sensible leather carry-on just so they can sip mimosas and sneer at the poor, corn syrup-coated plebes seated in zones 2 through… » 8/17/13 5:00pm 8/17/13 5:00pm

JetBlue Passenger Accused of Groping Sleeping Woman's Thigh Defends…

Unless you're eating poached salmon and having a eunuch fan you with palm fronds in first class while a luxury dental hygienist irrigates your mouth with a few spritzes of Dom Pérignon, air travel is just the worst. You have to lug all your shit to some shitty airport, which is always situated on the outskirts of town… » 3/25/13 11:10am 3/25/13 11:10am

Creepy Airplane Creep Allegedly Used a Racial Slur Before Slapping a…

There are a lot of terrible misdeeds in the annals of air travel, but an incident involving a crying toddler and a racist old creep that allegedly took place on an Atlanta-bound flight last Friday, February 8, might take all the pretzel snack packs. According to the FBI, an apparently cantankerous 60-year-old man got… » 2/17/13 3:30pm 2/17/13 3:30pm

TSA Ruins Dying Woman's End-of-Life Trip to Hawaii, Is Officially The…

The Transportation Security Administration has surpassed "mothers-in-law" as the thing about which Americans most love to bitch. But unlike mothers-in-law, the TSA will never make you a hot meal, and they'll certainly never make sure you have clean towels and sheets when you come to visit because Lord knows the gals… » 10/10/12 4:50pm 10/10/12 4:50pm

Fakers Cut Airport Lines by Requesting Wheelchairs They Don’t Need

Airports — any airport, really, but especially Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta — are a miserable hellpits filled with forced groping, rubbery food, and lonely people working at the magic kit kiosks, hawking trick cards and imploring you to remember that they, too, were young once, full of wild dreams about opening for… » 10/04/12 11:10am 10/04/12 11:10am

Airline’s Baby-Free ‘Quiet Zone’ Doesn’t Really Guarantee Much Quiet

Crying babies are one of about two hundred thousand things that make flying commercial one of the most hellish experiences ever devised by humans, which is why AirAsia, a budget airline in Southeast Asia, will be introducing a "Quiet Zone" in February for passengers who'd rather not be reminded by the wailing of a… » 9/26/12 9:30am 9/26/12 9:30am

Soccer Team Wants Only Female Flight Attendants, Because Ladies Are Way…

If you're a soccer (ugh, fine, football) fan, you'd be hard pressed to find a team bigger or more superstarry than FC Barcelona. But with great fame and power comes great ass ache, as Lionel Messi and his teammates can't seem to go anywhere without getting hounded for autographs and pictures. That's why they've asked… » 9/18/12 3:30pm 9/18/12 3:30pm

Glenn Beck Pouts About How American Airlines Was Mean to Him

Glenn Beck, the media personality who made being a recovering alcoholic his on-air shtick, used his radio show Wednesday to tell his 8 million listeners that an American Airlines flight attendant was rude to him because of his political persuasion, as if Glenn Beck was the first person ever to realize that air travel… » 9/06/12 9:30am 9/06/12 9:30am