Fuck Your Air Conditioner, Ceiling Fans Forever

It’s a cool 60 degrees in New York City right now, but in a few weeks time, we—along with the rest of the U.S.—will likely be experiencing the dead heat of summer. Here, that means sweating through your clothes while waiting for the M train, constantly inhaling the weighty stink of garbage, and listening to the city’s… »6/05/15 2:50pm6/05/15 2:50pm

Thanks to Dudes in Suits, Offices Around the World Set Their Thermostats to ‘Meat Locker’

Comfort, despite the insidious effects of globalization (Mexico got rid of national naptime in 1999), is a cultural changeling, and what is warm weather to a nuclear family of pasty Newfoundlanders who've set upon Disney World in March wearing nothing but Hawaiian shirts, jorts, and rosy smiles, is probably frigid… »1/27/13 3:15pm1/27/13 3:15pm