Is Office Air Conditioning a Sexist Conspiracy?

Science has already told us that women feel more sensitive to cold temperatures, which is why going to movie theater can feel like stepping into a freezer. Working in an office all day can also be torturous if you forget to bring along a sweater. Over at The Washington Post, writer Petula Dvorak theorizes that… » 7/23/15 11:00pm 7/23/15 11:00pm

Fuck Your Air Conditioner, Ceiling Fans Forever

It’s a cool 60 degrees in New York City right now, but in a few weeks time, we—along with the rest of the U.S.—will likely be experiencing the dead heat of summer. Here, that means sweating through your clothes while waiting for the M train, constantly inhaling the weighty stink of garbage, and listening to the city’s… » 6/05/15 2:50pm 6/05/15 2:50pm

Thanks to Dudes in Suits, Offices Around the World Set Their…

Comfort, despite the insidious effects of globalization (Mexico got rid of national naptime in 1999), is a cultural changeling, and what is warm weather to a nuclear family of pasty Newfoundlanders who've set upon Disney World in March wearing nothing but Hawaiian shirts, jorts, and rosy smiles, is probably frigid… » 1/27/13 3:15pm 1/27/13 3:15pm