New Reasons to Keep Women (and Everyone Else) Out of the Kitchen

For many, the kitchen has traditionally been a place of great comfort and warm fuzzy feelings, but a new study has found that the kitchen might actually be a dangerous and miserable place—not because of the temptation of that freshly baked cake, but because the oven you use to bake that cake might actually be filling… » 6/18/12 2:55pm 6/18/12 2:55pm

Lena Dunham Responds to the Critics Who Say Girls Isn't Diverse Enough

Girls creator Lena Dunham was interviewed for today's Fresh Air, and she was didn't back down from addressing the criticism she and the show have faced regarding the lack of any people of color as main characters. She said, » 5/07/12 11:00pm 5/07/12 11:00pm

Escaped Puppy Runs on to Runway and Causes Cutest Airport Delay Ever

Normally, airport delays are anything but adorable, though there was an exception today at New York's La Guardia Airport. A dog got loose from its cage as it was being boarded on to a plane and ran onto a runway. The puppy, a 30-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback named Byrdie, caused an approximately 10-minute delay in… » 4/25/12 11:15pm 4/25/12 11:15pm

Imagine, if You Will, a World Where You Can Play Tiny Tower During…

Frequent air travelers, rejoice! That painful period during take-off and landing when you're not allowed to use your electronic devices might soon be a lot more bearable. The Federal Aviation Administration said yesterday that it will work with airlines and other involved parties to find a way to determine whether… » 3/20/12 10:20am 3/20/12 10:20am

Mom With Crying Baby Unwisely Uses the Emergency Exit to Get Off the…

There is nothing that makes you more desperate to escape the claustrophobic confines of an airplane than a screaming child. It can certainly feel like an emergency when one is in the vicinity, but one woman in Vietnam got a little carried away with the urgency of the situation. Her child was screaming and she wanted… » 2/16/12 11:15pm 2/16/12 11:15pm

Tilda Smells Like Holidays; Designer Makes Road-Kill Hats

Been Caught Leaving: Megan Moving To Liberal Website

What a way to end a week! I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but, as of next Friday, Megan Carpentier will no longer be working as an editor on Jezebel. » 7/31/09 3:20pm 7/31/09 3:20pm