Jon Hamm Gets His Sleazy Director On in Aimee Mann's New Video

There are so many great things in Aimee Mann's video for "Labrador." It's directed by Tom Scharpling, features Jon Hamm in a perv 'stache, stars Jon Wurster (the drummer of Superchunk and the Mountain Goats), has cameos by the likes of Ted Leo and — and — it's all built around the wonderful talent of Aimee Mann. See you … » 9/18/12 7:00pm 9/18/12 7:00pm

Model Urged, "Don't Marry Leonardo"; More On Madonna's Designs

  • An Israeli nationalist group is very concerned about Bar Refaeli's relationship with goy Leo DiCaprio. According to the LA Times, the group's director "has nothing against Mr. DiCaprio, who I have no doubt is a talented actor." [via Gawker]
  • » 3/11/10 1:00pm 3/11/10 1:00pm