"You Can Deny The Holocaust, But You Can't Deny There Is Something Between Us"

Oh Praise The Allah, never have we been so proud for starting a meme. Here Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg, picking up on the inchoate Ajmadineffection out there in Generation TMZ, pays homage to his mancrush on the meccasexual in a slowjam. It's funny. Not quite early Obamagirl funny, but worthwhile because… »10/01/07 9:30am10/01/07 9:30am

"You Know, When You Get To Know Ahmadinejad, It's Sort Of Like What Happens With Spencer Pratt"

Welcome back to "That's So Jane's", a really bad pun we use both as an homage to Jane/Jane's Defence Weekly magazines and as an excuse to blog about something other than celebrities and drinking and fucking and all our stupid little affluent society problems. There's a whole Third World out there! And really, don't… »9/27/07 3:00pm9/27/07 3:00pm

Senator Craig Has Never Been Gay, And Other Things That Make So Much Sense

  • Senator Craigslist says that not only is he not gay, he has never been gay, including when he was arrested three months ago and also back in 1982 when he had to deny he was gay on account of all the young boy Congressional pages he'd plied with drugs and alcohol and fucked, which very neatly explains, you see, why…
  • »8/28/07 7:30pm8/28/07 7:30pm