Female Fruit Flies Charm the Pants Off Otherwise Hostile Males

Recent research published in the journal Nature Neuroscience indicates that male fruit flies that spend time with female fruit flies are less aggressive with other males. Like, the male fruit fly can be a total sweetheart when it's just him and the female, but—like—sometimes he acts totally different when he's around… »11/18/13 5:45pm11/18/13 5:45pm


Research Suggests That Left-Pawed Dogs Are Just Slightly Evil

You probably already assumed that left-pawed dogs — and yes, some dogs do have forepaw and even hindquarter preferences — are ever so slightly evil, but now there’s a scientific study in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior to confirm your suspicions that left-pawed dogs are scheming to bark at you and make you seem… »6/02/13 12:00pm6/02/13 12:00pm

Violent Video Games Turning Men Into Crazed Murderers

Opponents of violent imagery in video games have been stymied for years by the fact that no actual evidence existed to support their theory that in-game behavior led to in-life behavior. After all, Grand Theft Auto didn't lead to a suburban car theft and prostitute rape epidemic. Bioshock didn't lead to the mass… »12/07/11 11:10am12/07/11 11:10am

Researcher Finds Watching Jerks On Film Makes You Act Like A Jerk

Researchers have always said that watching violent movies can make you more aggressive, but according to USA Today »9/16/08 2:30pm9/16/08 2:30pm, a new out of the UK has found that watching movies with "relational aggression" — where characters are abusive — can make audiences more mean. A professor tested this theory by asking 53 college-aged…
A new study reports that men with wider faces are more aggressive, as face width is a marker of test
A new study reports that men with wider faces are more aggressive »8/20/08 1:40pm8/20/08 1:40pm, as face width is a marker of testosterone levels (i.e., the wider the face, the higher the level of testosterone). The study, conducted at Brock University in St. Catharines, Canada, was based in part on research from hockey players. According to ,…