It's 2015 and Simple Plan Just Released a Song With Nelly

Simple Plan, a band of French-Canadian thirtysomethings best known for a song featuring Mark Hoppus and a debut album titled around a ball joke, has released a song with 40-year-old Correll Haynes Jr. (née Nelly), entitled “I Don’t Want to Go To Bed.” What a time to forget why any of us are alive in the first place! »10/21/15 12:06pm10/21/15 12:06pm


Super Sad and Misguided Emails Intended for the Long Island Medium

One year ago, in October 2011, I wrote a post titled "Is The Long Island Medium For Real?" I wondered whether or not Theresa Caputo, star of the TLC show, was using the technique known as cold reading. We all know that reality TV is not really real — conversations are edited out, producers arrange set-ups, the very… »10/20/12 11:00am10/20/12 11:00am