Women Responsible for All Job Gains Among Black People Last Month

Last month, the unemployment rate among black people fell more than half a percentage point, entirely thanks to job market gains by black women. There are a few bad joke conclusions to draw from this — first, we could Jack Welch it by saying that the black women became employed in large numbers as a deliberate,… »10/11/12 11:10am10/11/12 11:10am


Michelle Obama: The Best Black Female Role Model Since Claire Huxtable?

Michelle Obama: What's not to love? She's smart, accomplished, funny, a great mother and a snazzy dresser. But as Newsweek »11/03/08 5:00pm11/03/08 5:00pm's Allison Samuels , compared to other black women in the media, there's something about Michelle Obama. For instance: Why don't we see Michelle snappin' her neck and waggin' her finger when she's…