Ugh: White Model Dons Tribal-Style Face Paint for Vogue Italia Shoot

White model. Facepaint. African animals. Shot by Steven Meisel and starring Dutch model Saskia de Brauw, a fashion story titled "Abracadabra" in the March 2014 issue of Vogue Italia feels sadly familiar and offensive. » 3/10/14 11:20am 3/10/14 11:20am

A Real Maasai Woman's Thoughts on the White 'Warrior Princess' Chick

YES: a real Maasai woman shared her thoughts on Mindy Budgor, the California girl who hung out in Kenya for a sec before saving all the women by becoming the first female Maasai warrior (and conveniently writing a book about it called Warrior Princess!). Here's Rarin Ole Sein's feelings re Budgor, who Sein says is no… » 9/19/13 8:30pm 9/19/13 8:30pm

First Female Maasai Warrior Is a White Lady With a Memoir

20-something California entrepreneur Mindy Budgor wanted to find meaning beyond mani pedis, just-out-of-the-oven croissants (her fave), and her BMW, so she decided to become the Maasai tribe's first-ever female warrior, thus literally saving Africa. She hasn't captured Joseph Kony as of yet, but she does have a book… » 9/13/13 11:00am 9/13/13 11:00am

‘Avon Ladies’ of Uganda Sell Vital Medicine Cheaply Door-to-Door

Doug Wilson (it’s an outdated Weeds reference people, — please try to keep up with my creaky analogies) isn’t the only yearning male entrepreneur who saw the simple brilliance in adapting Avon’s door-to-door cosmetics peddling strategy to fit his own schemes. The ironically-surnamed Chuck Slaughter, founder and… » 6/23/13 1:00pm 6/23/13 1:00pm

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Goes to 7 Continents, Finds Exotic…

For the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, the magazine photographed models on all 7 continents. A world tour of ill-fitting "swim" wear! But sometimes a half-naked lady standing in front of a gorgeous natural backdrop just isn't enough. So the photographers used natives as props. » 2/12/13 3:50pm 2/12/13 3:50pm

Five Things You Need to Know About Africa's First Female Billionaire

Meet Isabel Dos Santos. She is 40 years old. Forbes has just named her Africa's first female billionaire. Yes. Billion. Picture a million-dollar home. Now picture one thousand of them. A billion. » 1/25/13 5:15pm 1/25/13 5:15pm

And there you have it. Pretty lady, interesting family, billions and billions of murky bucks. (The that most people in…

Meet the Women Who Tattoo Their Gums Black for a More Beautiful Smile

In this video making the rounds, a woman named Marième, who lives in Senegal, goes to get her gums tattooed black. "I want black gums to obtain a more beautiful smile," she says. "It's become an obsession." Later, she admits: "I'm scared." As she should be! The procedure, which takes place outdoors using handmade needles and … » 1/02/13 6:30pm 1/02/13 6:30pm

Led by Local Women, Makeup Sales Heat Up in Africa

Earlier today, I sauntered into a Sephora and found the exact right shade of red that made me look like Rose McGowan's fat, hip grandma*. It's a good look, but one that required me to try on about fifty shades of red before I landed on a color that didn't make me look like Ronald McDonald's fatter, less hip cousin.… » 11/15/12 10:15pm 11/15/12 10:15pm

Yay! Benchmark Ruling Calls For Women In Botswana To Be Awarded Equal…

Thanks to the verdict of a progressive judge in the Botswana High Court, Justice Key Dingake, Botswana's de facto law of leaving inherited land to the closest male family member of the deceased is now up for dispute. While the nation boasts a female Attorney General, and one of southern Africa's first female… » 10/13/12 12:30pm 10/13/12 12:30pm

19-Year-Old Woman Is Africa's Youngest Legislator

19-year-old Proscovia Alengot Oromait is now the youngest Member of Parliament in African history after running for and winning the MP position left vacant by her father in Usuk County of eastern Uganda. The teenager had been planning to go to university, but was derailed following her father's death when she felt the … » 9/19/12 12:50pm 9/19/12 12:50pm

Maternal Mortality Rates Could Tank If We Meet Contraception Needs in…

Supplying women in developing countries with contraception they want and need could reduce global maternity mortality by nearly a third, according to a new Johns Hopkins University study published at just the right time — a few weeks before an upcoming family planning conference in London care of the British… » 7/10/12 10:50am 7/10/12 10:50am

Conservatives Continue Global Fight Against Abortion, Contraception, &…

"Sluts, keep yer legs closed!" hasn't been a viable public health solution for the last several thousand years, but if we pray real hard, maybe it someday will be. Until mass abstinence is feasible or permanent pregnancy is desired, sustainable, or safe, though, the best options women have to control their reproductive… » 7/06/12 11:30am 7/06/12 11:30am

Malawi’s President Joyce Banda Boldly Stands Up for Gay Rights

Joyce Banda, who was recently sworn in as Malawi's first-ever female president, has said that she plans to repeal her country's laws against homosexuality in her first state of the union address, a bold move, notes the Atlantic Wire's Connor Simpson, since homosexuality has been criminalized in 37 African countries and … » 5/20/12 4:00pm 5/20/12 4:00pm

Sexual Violence Against Women Soars In Somalia

Somalia has been devastated by conflict for decades, and now the country is dealing with famine as well. These factors have made living in what was already one of the most dangerous areas on the planet even harsher for women. Recently there's been an increase in various forms of sexual abuse against women, ranging from … » 12/28/11 10:00am 12/28/11 10:00am