Tootsie Costume Made Dustin Hoffman Face the Patriarchy

In an AFI interview from late 2012 that’s just starting to gain some traction now, in the summer doldrums, Dustin Hoffman talked about how, when he was first made-up as Dorothy Michaels during his preliminary preparations for Tootsie, he had a revelation about the unreasonable expectations our society has for female… »7/07/13 1:00pm7/07/13 1:00pm

Target Dog Was Best-Dressed At 'AFI Night At The Movies'

I'm a little confused about last night's event, AFI's Night At The Movies presented by Target, at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood. It seemed to draw some respectable stars — Warren Beatty, Dustin Hoffman, Jodie Foster — but then they all had to pose gamely with the Target dog, Bullseye. Oh, and there was an Austin… »10/02/08 10:30am10/02/08 10:30am