Wait a Second. Why Is the New IHOP Logo Crying?

On Monday, IHOP (formerly known as The International House of Pancakes) unveiled, writes Adweek, “a new logo for the emoticon era.” The only significant change in its updated design was the addition of a mouth under the “op.” That newly created smiley face—according to Kirk Thompson, IHOP’s VP of Marketing—represents… »6/02/15 6:30pm6/02/15 6:30pm


Excuse Me Sirs, Women Are Just as Good at Boozing and Binge-Watching

We've barely staggered through the first round of company Christmas parties and already we're getting slammed with New Year's resolution-related content (and unfortunately not the Otis Redding/Carla Thomas duet, either). Today's news: Gents' weight-loss goals are most likely to be derailed by liquor and Game of… »12/15/14 12:50pm12/15/14 12:50pm

Adweek's Completely Creepy & Inappropriate Profile Of Female Media Writer

For some reason, the trade magazine Adweek decided to lead its profile of New York Times media writer Virginia Heffernan with a lengthy, detailed story about the time she hooked up some guy like 20 years ago. Except the experience wasn't from Heffernan's perspective—instead, the magazine interviewed the weirdo guy,… »5/09/11 6:30pm5/09/11 6:30pm

Discussions Of Sarah Palin's "Feminism" Are (Mostly) Split Down Partisan Lines

Feministing has a message »9/08/08 4:00pm9/08/08 4:00pm for the mainstream media: Sarah Palin is NOT a feminist. This is in response to stories by , Townhall.com, the , NPR, and the , all of which had the words "Sarah Palin" and "feminism" or "liberated woman" in the headline. While some news outlets are painting the proposed veep as a feminist,…