Mad Men: The Ads Don Wasn't Supposed To Tear Out Of Megan's Magazine

On the season premiere of Mad Men last night Megan implores Don to not tear the ads out of her magazine. We just happened to notice from the cover that it was the February 1969 issue of Playboy that she was rightly safeguarding. We dipped into our archives to find out which ads appeared in that issue and gathered the… » 4/15/14 4:51pm 4/15/14 4:51pm

30 Years of 'Cosmo': Sex, Drugs & Sperm-Killers

More fun with the October issues of Cosmopolitan! Below, a gallery of advertisements that fall squarely into the "vice" category (i.e. they're all about sex, booze, smokes & contraception). Our favorite: The advertisement for Fredrick's of Hollywood's "Elite VII", which, unlike men, "doesn't stay out with the boys."
» 9/19/07 4:00pm 9/19/07 4:00pm