Clinique Uses Tavi Gevinson and Hannah Bronfman to 'Engage Millennials' 

Clinique is hoping to transform its significance among the “millennial” set from the crusty old moisturizer your mom let you play with as a kid to products you might actually buy. And who better to convince us to open our sustainably-sourced wallets than Queen Millennial herself, Tavi Gevinson? »7/14/15 1:10pm7/14/15 1:10pm


The New Warby Parkers Will Have You Running from the Paparazzi in No Time

It's obvious that you're what's hot right now. Producers blowing up your phone, agents fighting over you (publicly, too; how embarrassing — for them), maître d's practically mauling themselves on strategically-placed fici (plural of ficus) to get you the best table at restaurants with the word "bungalow" in their… »2/14/13 11:59am2/14/13 11:59am

Warby Parker Increases Already High Delight Factor by Including Cookies with Gift Card Orders

Everyone likes ripping open presents around this time of year. But picking out a friend's glasses that they wear on their face every day is a daunting task. Warby Parker knows this, and is offering gift cards in denominations of $50, $95, $145 and $195 — and all holiday gift cards will arrive at your lucky pal's door… »12/17/12 11:59am12/17/12 11:59am

How Not to Be a Meeting Diva, Bore Your Staff to Sleep, or Otherwise Ruin Goodwill and Productivity at Work

If you are gainfully employed, it's likely that meetings are part of your life. And, no matter how much you protest, they're not going anywhere. Here in the Business Casual series, written in conjunction with the crew, we covered your sweet work-from-home setup, and now we're going to address the dreaded… »11/16/12 11:59am11/16/12 11:59am

Yogi Lauren Imparato Is Here and Answering Your Enlightenment-Related Questions

Sometimes in this crazy world, it's hard to find a little inner peace (or outer peace, or any peace, really), which probably explains the proliferation of yoga in recent years. It seems as if just about everyone has a mat shoved in their closet, is practicing their pranayama, or has a very vocal opinion on the perfect… »9/27/12 12:59pm9/27/12 12:59pm

How Does a Pro Photographer Capture Gorgeous Portraits in Paris? Ask One.

You know how we used the Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ Shooting Challenge as an excuse to send photographer Steven Taylor to Paris to shoot a bunch of black-and-white city portraits? Well the man with the cam is back, and he brought along a ton of great photos of his pal Val glamming it up in fabulous France. »8/21/12 11:59am8/21/12 11:59am