​Jezebel's Advent Calendar of Crap: Merry Duck Dynasty Christmas!

Here's the thing about advent calendars: You always miss a couple of days. At least it means you get several pieces of chocolate while catching up! Unfortunately, in this case the chocolate is actually crap. And today, we've got a triple whammy, an unholy trinity courtesy of the season: the annual freakout about the… »12/05/13 4:45pm12/05/13 4:45pm

​Jezebel's Advent Calendar of Crap, Day 1: Fifty Shades of Grey

Perhaps you are familiar with the holiday tradition of the advent calendar, with each new day until Christmas containing some sort of treat (or, if your parents were religious sticklers, a verse from the Book of Luke). But, of course, Jezebel is a palace of heresy, so instead we're presenting you with an advent… »12/02/13 3:30pm12/02/13 3:30pm