Practical College Courses That Don't Exist But Really Should

Why do we go to college? Is it to learn a skill? Is to learn how to think? Is it to meet a future mate? Is it to become a well-rounded person? Get shit-faced? Or is it purely a means to an end — a place to make valuable networking connections and net higher lifetime earnings? On some level it's all that stuff, and yet… »2/26/14 4:50pm2/26/14 4:50pm

Recent Grads: Here's What You Should Know. Love, A Recent(ish) Grad

I graduated from college four years ago. I know four years probably seems like an infinitesimal blip to many readers (disclaimer #1: self-aware millennial realizes she has far less life experience than you do), but when I remember the anxious stress case I was at 21 — incapable of imagining life as a gainfully… »5/21/13 3:00pm5/21/13 3:00pm

Listen Up, Dudes: It's Time to Own Up to the Fact That You Are an Adult

Are you a mature, fully developed being? Can you take the world's punches, or at least block? Are you a "grownup"? If you're not sure, welcome to today's world, where figuring this out is a mishmash of mixed messages and blurry lines best stumbled over on your way to that Meeting of Grown People With Adult-Like… »12/05/12 5:30pm12/05/12 5:30pm

Report Suggests Recession Has Turned Men Into Losers

A new Census Bureau report indicates that not only have the crapadelic economic circumstances of the last few years driven many young people to move back in with their folks, but that men have returned much more willingly to the hearthy teat than their female peers. In fact, one in five men between the ages of 25 and… »11/03/11 5:30pm11/03/11 5:30pm

Italian Parents Bring In Lawyers To Make 41-Year-Old Son Move Out

An Italian man is so concerned about his parents developing empty nest syndrome that he's helpfully refused to move out even though he's 41. The Venetian couple say their son has a job, but he won't leave and expects his mother to do his laundry and cook for him. Now they've hired lawyers and told their son he must … »9/22/11 12:49am9/22/11 12:49am