WePay Blames "The Rules" For Withholding Medical Funds from Sex Worker

Eden Alexander is an adult film star and cam girl. After a "near fatal" reaction to a common prescription drug and a month of chronic pain, she tried to crowdfund $4,000 for her medical care. Hours before she was taken away in an ambulance, she got a notice that the online payments company WePay had cancelled her… »5/19/14 1:27pm5/19/14 1:27pm


Strip Club Hires Sarah Palin Lookalike Just in Time for Republican National Convention

Hoping to capitalize on conservative men's possibly-lingering collective crush, a Tampa Bay strip club has hired a Sarah Palin lookalike to headline during the Republican National Convention in an attempt to draw in business. But this Faux-Palin just any exotic dancer — she's adult film star Lisa Ann, who played Sarah… »7/23/12 3:50pm7/23/12 3:50pm

Teenage Pornography Enthusiast Not Allowed to Bring Adult Film Stars to Prom

An 18-year-old Minnesota high school senior spent the last several weeks on a quest worthy of its own teen sex comedy: he sent Tweets to hundreds of female porn stars in the hope that one of them would go to prom with him. After two of them said yes, it seemed that his dream of wining and dining two women he'd watched… »3/22/12 6:00pm3/22/12 6:00pm