E-Books Aren’t Just Doing Wonders for Erotica — Christian Fiction Is Getting Action, Too

The no-judgment realm of e-commerce has propelled sales of adult fiction upwards in the last few years, which is funny considering that it's doing the exact same thing (and for pretty much the same reasons) to Christian fiction. According to data from the American Association of Publishers, sales of religious fiction… »7/22/12 6:00pm7/22/12 6:00pm


Type 2 Diabetes Is Latest Threat in Ongoing Destruction of American Teens

It seems like practically every day brings a new reason to worry that we're accidentally killing our children with newfangled diseases and ensuring the downfall of our society. Obviously, the growing rates of obesity found in children have long been a concern, but now a new study has found that type 2 diabetes, one of… »4/30/12 3:00pm4/30/12 3:00pm

Obesity Rates Plateau, So at Least We're Not Getting Any Fatter

It's pretty clear that we, as a country, are more overweight than we used to be, but exactly how bad is the problem? Are we in the midst of an unchecked obesity epidemic that is going to cause us to burst at our seams? Or is this whole thing overblown? Luckily, we have some new, high-quality data from the CDC to shed… »1/18/12 6:20pm1/18/12 6:20pm

The Death Of A Parent Can Both Immobilize And Inspire

Jeanne Safer was 57 years old when her mother died, reports the LA Times. Her father had died many years before and Safer is now an "adult orphan." But she soon discovered a "shocking — almost sacrilegious" truth: It can be awesome when a parent dies. "The death of a parent — any parent — can set us free. It offers us… »5/06/08 2:00pm5/06/08 2:00pm