Adorable Adoptable Animals in Accessories Will Make Your Eyes Leak

Photographer Richard Phibbs has once again leant his talents to the Humane Society of New York, taking snapshots adoptable animals so potential "forever homes" can see their possible "fur buddies" in the best possible light. Doesn't that phrase "forever home" just make you want to lose your shit? Anyway, here are a… »1/23/12 5:40pm1/23/12 5:40pm

Madonna "Appreciates" That People Are Cynical, Suspicious Of Her

Madonna was on Today this morning, in a pre-taped interview with Ann Curry, to promote her documentary about AIDS orphans in Malawi I Am Because We Are, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this week. It's nice that she is doing some good stuff with her money and fame, but, as Curry says to her in the… »4/25/08 12:00pm4/25/08 12:00pm