Watch the New Diet Coke Hunk Get a Soda-Jizz Facial

While regular sugar-filled Coke is focusing on "happy calories" and joy, Diet Coke reminds you that bubbles are sexy, men are sexy and sex is sexy. Also getting sprayed in the face is sexy. Back in 1994, Diet Coke debuted the "Diet Coke Hunk," a well-built construction worker who took off his shirt and guzzled a DC… » 1/28/13 4:40pm 1/28/13 4:40pm

Sugar Company's Ad Concept: Sweet, Sweet Pastries Are as Good as Porn

A new ad campaign for Sugar In The Raw gives new meaning to food porn: A chocolate cake is photographed like a crotch, purposely pixelated and called a "forbidden pleasure," with the words "enter here." Cupcakes with cherry "nipples" are censored, as though they are breasts. Sure, it's a cheeky play on the brand's… » 10/01/12 6:45pm 10/01/12 6:45pm

A Perfectly Good Vampire Sex Fantasy, Ruined.

If you're a fan of Dracula, True Blood, Twilight or The Vampire Diaries, you'll get a kick out of this almost-sorta-NSFW commercial from the UK. Damon Salvatore never has this problem, does he? » 4/22/11 5:20pm 4/22/11 5:20pm

Audrina Photoshopped To Look Less Bony

So often, we see celebrities and models digitally slimmed for ad campaigns. But in Audrina's Bongo ads, it appears as though her slim physique was made slightly softer and less bony. A woman just can't "win." » 2/02/11 3:40pm 2/02/11 3:40pm

The Starbucks Siren Is The Most Powerful Woman In The World

Starbucks has changed its logo to feature a close up on the Siren, alone, without any lettering. She's a creature who doesn't need to explain herself! » 1/06/11 2:25pm 1/06/11 2:25pm

Jessica Biel Misled Me About This Lip Stain Business

So yeah. I watched the Revlon Just Bitten commercial in which Jessica Biel promised me a "light flush of color." And I bought it. That's not what I got. » 12/28/10 4:13pm 12/28/10 4:13pm

Fertility Clinic Ad Is Something To Get Jazzed Jizzed About

An Australian fertility clinic's ad (seen in FHM) involves pages stuck together. Pull 'em apart, and there's a photograph of a sexay woman and the line "Don't waste your sperm." So… We want these dudes contributing to the gene pool? » 12/13/10 5:44pm 12/13/10 5:44pm

The Cup-Size Choir's Musical Boobs

According to this La Senza ad, nothing says Christmas like ligerie-clad ladies moaning "ancient yuletide carols" while writhing on a bed. We hadn't realized that cup sizes are lettered just like musical notes! (Probably because they aren't.) » 12/03/10 2:08pm 12/03/10 2:08pm

Polish Politician Hopes Bikini Bod Will Earn Votes

Polish pop singer Sara May — real name Katarzyna Szczolek — would like to win a district council seat in her hometown of Warsaw, and she's using photographs of herself in a bikini as part of her campaign. » 11/15/10 6:06pm 11/15/10 6:06pm

What Fast Food Really Looks Like

A side-by-side comparison of fast food as it's pictured in advertising versus the food you actually purchase is even more of a fail than you'd think. » 11/12/10 2:04pm 11/12/10 2:04pm

Skyy Continues The Vodka=Penis Ad Campaign

First the brand sucked balls. Now a new Skyy ad makes vodka a sexy phallic symbol around which women wrap their legs. (Although we've seen the bottle in person and it's much smaller.) It's all part of the vodka=cock movement! » 9/29/10 7:34pm 9/29/10 7:34pm

Madonna's Dolce & Gabbana Pics Pre-Photoshop

Some images purported to be unretouched photographs from the Spring/Summer Dolce & Gabbana campaign starring Madonna have popped up online. » 9/29/10 10:46am 9/29/10 10:46am

Photoshop Of Horrors: Embrace Your Amputated Leg & Love It!

A reader sent this Suave body wash ad — seen in a recent ladymag — in which the model seems to have bathed herself so hard, some of her parts fell off. » 9/27/10 5:09pm 9/27/10 5:09pm

How The Beckhams Fake Intimacy For The Camera

There isn't any dialogue between David and Victoria Beckham in the commercial for Intimately Yours fragrances, so naturally we had to write some ourselves. » 9/09/10 1:00pm 9/09/10 1:00pm

Did Obama Prepare America For The The Old Spice Guy?

In a piece for The Daily Beast, Tricia Romano writes, "It's hard to say whether [Isaiah] Mustafa and Old Spice would have paired up 10 or 20 years ago, unless he was a famous star athlete like O.J. Simpson." And: » 7/19/10 6:10pm 7/19/10 6:10pm

Is James Franco's New Gucci Ad Performance Art?

Nope! But let's pretend: Imagine water symbolizes rebirth. And his wet T-shirt means he's going to have to come inside and get undressed. And someone is going to have to towel him off… Um, what was I saying? [People, Earlier] » 2/26/10 4:20pm 2/26/10 4:20pm

5 Odd Things About Kim Kardashian's Perfume Commercial

Kim Kardashian's 30-second fragrance spot is being called "her second funniest video yet." Because of her sex tape, get it? Hilarious. But the truth is, there are a few strange things about the commercial: » 1/13/10 3:30pm 1/13/10 3:30pm