Watch the New Diet Coke Hunk Get a Soda-Jizz Facial

While regular sugar-filled Coke is focusing on "happy calories" and joy, Diet Coke reminds you that bubbles are sexy, men are sexy and sex is sexy. Also getting sprayed in the face is sexy. Back in 1994, Diet Coke debuted the "Diet Coke Hunk," a well-built construction worker who took off his shirt and guzzled a DC… » 1/28/13 4:40pm 1/28/13 4:40pm

Sugar Company's Ad Concept: Sweet, Sweet Pastries Are as Good as Porn

A new ad campaign for Sugar In The Raw gives new meaning to food porn: A chocolate cake is photographed like a crotch, purposely pixelated and called a "forbidden pleasure," with the words "enter here." Cupcakes with cherry "nipples" are censored, as though they are breasts. Sure, it's a cheeky play on the brand's… » 10/01/12 6:45pm 10/01/12 6:45pm