Like So Many Before Her, Rumer Willis Is Joining Chicago as Roxie Hart

Imagine coming to New York with your family. You want to see a show, but don’t really care which. Tony winners are the toughest and most expensive tickets in town, Book of Mormon isn’t quite family friendly enough, Phantom feels too old, you saw The Lion King when it came to your town a decade ago, and WHAT?! When the… »7/16/15 6:30pm7/16/15 6:30pm

Rabid, Man-Eating Feminist Emma Thompson Wins at Awards Show Speeches

Award-nominated actors, you might as well give up telling self-deprecating jokes in the mirror and put down the quote books you're mining for award speech inspiration; you're never going to top the speech Emma Thompson gave at last night's National Board of Review Gala, or the bomb-ass intro Meryl Streep gave for her.… »1/08/14 3:10pm1/08/14 3:10pm

Jennifer Lawrence Loves Rob Schneider, Dancing Like a Dad, and M&M's With Her Photo On Them

With each passing sassafras interview, Jennifer Lawrence is endearing herself to my heart. Is that even possible? Because it's happening. In an interview with the New York Times, she talkes about so many things that make me swoon — including Woody Harrelson's teeth, being unfazed by the Oscars, and her new movie in… »11/12/12 11:45pm11/12/12 11:45pm

Hollywood's Highest-Paid Actresses Are All White, Mostly Middle-Aged

For the longest time, the film industry largely regarded aging actresses as disposable, creating roles for younger women who hadn't yet outlived their use of being innocent and fertile and sexually appealing to that all-important male audience to which studios catered. But the tide seems to be turning. The average age… »6/19/12 6:00pm6/19/12 6:00pm

Anna Kendrick Isn't A Fan Of Dumb Beauty Questions

While interviewing each other for Moviefone, 50/50 co-stars Anna Kendrick, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen chatted about how the press treats male and female actors. While there was a time when Rogen was fielding far too many questions about his diet and eating habits, generally reporters don't hound guys about… »9/27/11 12:27am9/27/11 12:27am