Rabid, Man-Eating Feminist Emma Thompson Wins at Awards Show Speeches

Award-nominated actors, you might as well give up telling self-deprecating jokes in the mirror and put down the quote books you're mining for award speech inspiration; you're never going to top the speech Emma Thompson gave at last night's National Board of Review Gala, or the bomb-ass intro Meryl Streep gave for her.… »1/08/14 3:10pm1/08/14 3:10pm

12 Years a Slave star Lupita Nyong'o, who made a documentary about albinism in Kenya: [People with a

12 Years a Slave star Lupita Nyong'o, who made a documentary about albinism in Kenya: [People with albinism] "are the one group of people that unify all races. Having come to the United States — it was the first time that I really had to consider myself as being black. To learn what my race meant. Because race is… »10/25/13 9:50am10/25/13 9:50am

Laugh So You Don't Cry at This New Web Series on Hollywood Racism

Amani Starnes is a working actress who happens to be racially ambiguous. Hollywood is basically the Baskin-Robbins of racism (so! many! flavors!). Mix the two well and you get a forehead slapping concoction that would be hilarious if it weren't tragically true. You get the new web series "The United Colors of Amani." »9/20/13 6:30pm9/20/13 6:30pm

Struggling Actors Are Paying a Lot of Money to Be Told What They Look Like

While there are approximately 1 billion jobs that are more difficult than being a struggling actor, there are few that seem as depressing and demoralizing. Not only are actors constantly forced to put on a smile and head out to auditions where they will face near-certain rejection, but they're also always being told… »4/01/13 1:00pm4/01/13 1:00pm

Why Aren't Asian Actors Getting Leading Roles in Hollywood?

Think carefully: When's the last time you saw a Hollywood flick with an Asian actor in the lede role? Tough one. As Hollywood is struggling with diversity, women and black people are making a few strides, but, as actor Masi Oka — known for Heroes and Hawaii 5-0tells The Hollywood Reporter, Asians are getting left… »3/29/13 4:20pm3/29/13 4:20pm

Former Child Actor Jodie Foster Says People Don't Understand Child Actors

Jodie Foster starred in her first commercial at the age of 3. At 13, she played a hooker in Taxi Driver and got an Oscar nod. Recently she told the New York Times she was "excited" and "happy" that Beast of the Southern Wild's Quvenzhané Wallis was nominated for an Oscar: "I was worried that she'd be overlooked." She… »1/28/13 5:20pm1/28/13 5:20pm

In Which Jennifer Lawrence Patiently Explains That Acting Is Stupid

At 22 years old, Jennifer Lawrence is not like some of the other starlets pouting in the spotlight. Instead of dancing on tables and boozing it up, she gushes about Dance Moms and gets excited for Honey Boo Boo. And in the February issue of Vanity Fair, our girl JLaw exasperatedly admits her chosen profession is, in a… »1/02/13 4:15pm1/02/13 4:15pm