It Puts the ??? On Its Skin: Breaking Through My Breakouts

During what can only be described as a hellaciously stressful past six months, my skin rebelled: the flawless visage I had at 16 became overrun by blemishes — a mutant strain that continued to multiply no matter what over-the-counter washes and drying treatments I used. Coupled with extreme sensitivity, the war I was… »4/09/15 7:50pm4/09/15 7:50pm


Earlier Puberty Sadly Means Earlier Acne for Unlucky Grade-Schoolers

It’ll come as no shock you to learn that boys and girls in these modern-day United States, fed on country-fried steroidal chicken breasts and good ol’ American colas, have begun to hit puberty at earlier ages than they ever have before. This might actually be a good thing in some respects, since early adolescence may… »8/18/13 4:00pm8/18/13 4:00pm

Science Might Be Really Close to Developing Acne Miracle Cream, Still Mum on Making a Real-Life Millennium Falcon

Have you ever gotten a pimple? Of course you have, you zit-riddled monster! Like many acne sufferers, you too probably turned to the commercial smorgasbord of topical acne treatments hawked by celebrities and clear-skinned teenagers from a parallel universe where everyone is attractive at every stage of development.… »3/03/13 4:30pm3/03/13 4:30pm

Dreams Do Come True: Dr. Oz Explains Acne On Oprah

Remember how earlier today we were obsessing about pimples »11/11/08 7:00pm11/11/08 7:00pm and we wondered why Dr. Oz and Oprah haven't covered it yet? Well, right as we were posting that, today's episode of aired, during which Dr. Oz was discussing "the science of beauty." And part of the discussion included acne! (Maybe Oprah really Jesus, since…