The Way the Academy Awards Were

While it's hard to imagine the Academy Awards without the mani cam (RIP) or elaborately produced dance numbers starring Neil Patrick Harris, it's true that for decades, the Oscars as we know them now were a decidedly more low-key affair. But thanks to old footage that they Academy periodically puts on their YouTube… » 2/23/15 1:10pm 2/23/15 1:10pm

Lady Gaga Solves the Maria Problem with Stunning Sound of Music Medley

The music performances at tonight's Oscars have run the gamut from underwhelming (Rita Ora) to frenetic ("Everything Is Awesome") to moving and gorgeous ("Glory"). And now, thanks to Lady Gaga's beautiful Sound of Music medley, we add gut-wrenchingly nostalgic and beautiful to the list. » 2/22/15 11:35pm 2/22/15 11:35pm

Drunk Patricia Arquette at the Oscars: 'Look at This Place. Here I Am'

Here's a disheveled and already drunk Patricia Arquette doing an interview with ABC's Lara Spencer right before the start of the 87th Annual Academy Awards. Arquette is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Boyhood. "That's me!" she says. "I'm one of them. Look at this place. And here I am." » 2/22/15 9:25pm 2/22/15 9:25pm

Remember When Emma Stone Sang "Bitch" on a Partridge Family Reality Show?

The 20 stars nominated for Academy Awards this year represent some of the most talented (or, anyway, famous) actors on screen today. At one point, however, they were slack-jawed, blank-eyed, no-name novices. They’d probably like to forget their often humiliating early work, but thanks to the magic of technology, they… » 2/19/15 12:15pm 2/19/15 12:15pm

OK, Here Is Benedict Cumberbatch Photobombing U2 to the 'Jaws' Theme

This year's Oscar's were memorable for a lot of reasons—Lupita Nyong'o's Oscar win, Pharrell's giddy performance of "Happy," the guy who delivered the pizza I ordered that night accidentally giving me extra cheese bread—but Benedict Cumberbatch's hilarious photobomb of U2 on the red carpet was probably the best part.… » 3/16/14 8:45pm 3/16/14 8:45pm

Let's Fantasy-Cast Next Year's Oscar Presenters!

I hosted a live Oscars viewing party at a Seattle club last night, which required me to stand on a stage next to a giant screen and crack jokes during the commercial breaks. Pretty tough to screw up, right? But at one point—somewhere around Channing Tatum o'clock—my boyfriend texted me from the crowd: "You really need… » 3/03/14 7:00pm 3/03/14 7:00pm