Children of Ohio, You Are Officially Screwed When It Comes to Sex Ed

Apparently being known for Steubenville isn't enough for Ohio — they're now trying to corner the market on not educating their teens about sex. Yesterday, the Ohio House Finance Committee's Republican members voted to adopt a state budget amendment that mandates an abstinence-only approach to sexual education. Oh,… »4/17/13 1:50pm4/17/13 1:50pm

Terrifying Public High School Speaker: If You Take Birth Control, Your Mother Probably Hates You

Meet Pam Stenzel. Pam Stenzel is a highly-paid* lecturer who speaks about the virtues of abstinence. Stenzel spoke on Monday at George Washington High School in Charleston, WV and created quite a stir when she allegedly made comments like, "If you take birth control, your mother probably hates you," and "I could look… »4/12/13 11:40am4/12/13 11:40am

Taxpayers Still Giving Millions of Dollars to Abstinence-Only Education Programs that Don't Work

Somewhere in America, grown adults are getting paid real legal currency to teach teenagers how to not have sex. And thanks to a deal the Obama administration was begrudgingly forced to cut with conservative legislators, these hoboes on the abstinence-only education gravy train will be able to continue riding the rails… »10/11/12 5:25pm10/11/12 5:25pm

22-Year-Old Woman Tries to Talk Sense to Republican Party, Is Promptly Ignored

The youngest member of the GOP's Platform Committee is 22-year-old anti-abortion rights Rick Santorum delegate Jackie Curtiss. And, despite her questionable political allegiance, she has more sense in her little finger than the rest of the committee combined — while her older, more delusional colleagues yammer away… »8/22/12 6:40pm8/22/12 6:40pm

Evangelicals Finally Admit That Not Even God Can Stop Teenage Boning

If premarital sex made the baby Jesus cry, he'd be a pretty hoarse, colic-y baby. Because evangelical teens, despite the fact that they're told day in and day out that bumping uglies before God says it's okay is wrong (like going to hell wrong) are having all kinds of secret sex with each other. And because of their… »7/13/12 6:00pm7/13/12 6:00pm

As Abstinence Pledges Falter, A New "Middle Class Morality" Emerges

Social conservatives have had the lock on "family values" for decades now, but in this week's New Yorker's »10/27/08 12:00pm10/27/08 12:00pm, writer Margaret Talbot that statistically, blue states have the lowest rates of teen pregnancy and divorce. In addition, although 74% of white evangelical Protestants say they believe in abstaining from sex…

The Not-So-Secret, Pro-Life Message Of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager

Babies having babies! Seriously, have you had your fill of this subject yet? As most of you know by now, tonight heralds the premiere of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, a one-hour drama created by the same woman who created 7th Heaven and has nothing to say on the issue of teen pregnancy. The plot is fairly… »7/01/08 4:30pm7/01/08 4:30pm

Congress heard arguments yesterday from 11 witnesses discussing the pros and cons of government fund

Congress heard arguments yesterday from 11 witnesses discussing the pros and cons of government funded abstinence-only education. Late last year, a non-partisan group determined that abstinence only education doesn't work, and so the House's Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is reassessing funding for those… »4/24/08 10:45am4/24/08 10:45am