Principal Pointlessly Threatens Student Who Protested Abstinence Rally

Katelyn Campbell, the high school student who notified the media about Pam Stenzel's insane abstinence-only presentation last week, is apparently being threatened by her principal. She says that George Aulenbacher, the principal at George Washington High School in West Virginia, said he'd call Wellesley College —… » 4/18/13 9:33am 4/18/13 9:33am

Abstinence-Only Education Now Includes Warning Against Dangers of…

Concerned that their precious children are not learning to be terrified enough about the deadly consequences of sexual intercourse, lawmakers in Tennessee have added language to their abstinence-only sex ed curriculum that warns students of the dangers of "gateway sexual activity" in a desperate effort to make sure… » 4/06/12 6:45pm 4/06/12 6:45pm

New Sex Ed Study To Hurt Conservatives' Feelings

For years conservative legislators have argued that abstinence-only sex education is the best policy, because if there's one thing we know about teenagers, it's that when you tell them not to do something they listen. However, today scientists have come out with information that may come as a shock (if you like to… » 11/30/11 10:30am 11/30/11 10:30am

Middle School Students Are Sex-Crazed Maniacs

Probably bad news for Rick Perry and his state's abstinence-only approach to sex-ed: according to a study by the University of Texas' Health Sciences Center at Houston, about one in ten Texas sixth graders have had sex. If that seems like a lot of precocious preteens to you, imagine how frighteningly large the… » 10/20/11 5:20pm 10/20/11 5:20pm

Texas Schools Slowly, Begrudgingly Admit Abstinence-Only Education…

After years of sexual education that willfully denies the possibility that kids are going to have sex no matter what, some schools in Texas are starting to teach curriculums that information on contraception. This is partly because it isn't as cheap to yell, "Don't do it!" to teens as one might think, and there's less… » 9/16/11 1:20pm 9/16/11 1:20pm

9th Grade Girls Suspended For Sex-Ed T-Shirts

Two St. Louis-area 9th graders, Tori Shoemaker and Cheyenne Bird, 14, were suspended from their Illinois junior high school for wearing condom-bedecked t-shirts proclaiming "Safe Sex Or No Sex" as a way of protesting their school's abstinence-only education policy. Shoemaker, 15, told a local TV station, "We were… » 2/07/08 9:30am 2/07/08 9:30am