Spending Bill Frees Up Millions of Dollars for Abstinence-Only Sex Ed

There is a lot to dislike about the 1,600-page, $1 trillion spending package up for a vote in Congress today, but one of its most obviously counterproductive provisions may be the new pathway for states to access a new stash of federal funding if they implement criteria for abstinence-only sex ed (a phrase that should… »12/11/14 2:30pm12/11/14 2:30pm

Surprise: GOP Candidate Preaches Abstinence, Teen Daughter Is Pregnant

A hearty Mazel Tov (a blessing on your head!) to Louisiana Congressman Bill Cassidy, whose staunch support of abstinence-only education will soon bear delicious fruit from the tree of poetic justice: His 17-year-old unmarried daughter is pregnant and expecting a baby any day now! Good work, everyone! Let's all go home! »7/10/14 6:45pm7/10/14 6:45pm

Vegas Police Host Purity Event, Say Premarital Sex Is Deadly

This Saturday, the Las Vegas Metro Police helped sponsor a "Choose Purity" event targeted at young girls. Its message was pretty simple: if you have sexual intercourse before signing some legal documents binding you to another human, you risk getting sucked into the dark world of drugs, gangs and sex trafficking. Oh,… »5/05/14 3:20pm5/05/14 3:20pm

Principal Pointlessly Threatens Student Who Protested Abstinence Rally

Katelyn Campbell, the high school student who notified the media about Pam Stenzel's insane abstinence-only presentation last week, is apparently being threatened by her principal. She says that George Aulenbacher, the principal at George Washington High School in West Virginia, said he'd call Wellesley College —… »4/18/13 9:33am4/18/13 9:33am

Children of Ohio, You Are Officially Screwed When It Comes to Sex Ed

Apparently being known for Steubenville isn't enough for Ohio — they're now trying to corner the market on not educating their teens about sex. Yesterday, the Ohio House Finance Committee's Republican members voted to adopt a state budget amendment that mandates an abstinence-only approach to sexual education. Oh,… »4/17/13 1:50pm4/17/13 1:50pm

Now You Can Hear a Recording Of Terrifying Abstinence-Only High School Speaker Bellowing For An Hour

Remember Pam from this morning? Pam Stenzel? The public high school speaker who thinks that your mom hates you if you take birth control? We now have an 51-minute long long audio recording of her batshit George Washington High School speech (the video is titled "GWHS Pam Stenzel. Latter 50/60 minutes," which is… »4/12/13 6:00pm4/12/13 6:00pm

Terrifying Public High School Speaker: If You Take Birth Control, Your Mother Probably Hates You

Meet Pam Stenzel. Pam Stenzel is a highly-paid* lecturer who speaks about the virtues of abstinence. Stenzel spoke on Monday at George Washington High School in Charleston, WV and created quite a stir when she allegedly made comments like, "If you take birth control, your mother probably hates you," and "I could look… »4/12/13 11:40am4/12/13 11:40am

27-Year-Old Virgin on Sex: Why Would Anyone Want to Date Someone Who Has Slept With the Whole World?

Evette Holyfield, the daughter of boxing champ/spokesperson for the The Real Deal Grill Evander Holyfield, is saving herself for marriage because, she says, religion. The interview is interesting, filled with questions that she answers genuinely, and I'm pretty sure I want to be her clingy new bff. However, I do have… »11/26/12 11:30pm11/26/12 11:30pm

Taxpayers Still Giving Millions of Dollars to Abstinence-Only Education Programs that Don't Work

Somewhere in America, grown adults are getting paid real legal currency to teach teenagers how to not have sex. And thanks to a deal the Obama administration was begrudgingly forced to cut with conservative legislators, these hoboes on the abstinence-only education gravy train will be able to continue riding the rails… »10/11/12 5:25pm10/11/12 5:25pm

Abstinence-Only Leader Is Also a Huge Fan of the Pastor Behind the 'Kill the Gays' Bill

Yesterday, we wrote about a school district currently under legal fire for teaching kids that the best way to avoid STDs is to sleep soundly and hang out with friends (sans condoms). One of the most disturbing instructional materials, brought to light by the ACLU, which is representing the plaintiffs, is a video that… »8/23/12 6:30pm8/23/12 6:30pm

The U.S. Still Leads the Developed World in Teen Pregnancy Because American Teens Don’t Know How to Use Condoms

Despite an encouraging decline in teen pregnancy, the U.S. still lags woefully far behind the rest of the developed world when it comes to teenagers not really knowing how their reproductive organs work and consequently using contraception incorrectly (or not at all). »8/19/12 8:10pm8/19/12 8:10pm

Evangelicals Finally Admit That Not Even God Can Stop Teenage Boning

If premarital sex made the baby Jesus cry, he'd be a pretty hoarse, colic-y baby. Because evangelical teens, despite the fact that they're told day in and day out that bumping uglies before God says it's okay is wrong (like going to hell wrong) are having all kinds of secret sex with each other. And because of their… »7/13/12 6:00pm7/13/12 6:00pm

The Grassroots Anti-Contraception Movement to 'Bring Sexy Back'

What happens when a group of pro-abstinence college kids who are not untalented at making graphics but could use some advice when it comes to slogans (um, we all know JT brought sexy back in 2006) reject their parents' world of "sky-high rates of divorce, abortion, and STDs; a world bored with sex and bored with… »7/03/12 5:20pm7/03/12 5:20pm