Abortion Provider Answers Your Biggest Questions

In an interesting essay posted on The Hairpin, Dolores P., a woman who's training to become an abortion provider, explains what it's like to walk past protesters on your way to work, and the hardships her patients go through to get medical treatment. She decided she wanted to help women terminate their pregnancies… » 3/04/11 12:14am 3/04/11 12:14am

Hundreds Gather At Vigils For Dr. George Tiller

Last night, two candlelight vigils were held in Kansas for Dr. George Tiller, the ob/gyn who was shot to death on Sunday morning. About 400 gathered in Wichita at Old Town Square and more than 100 people gathered at a park in Lawrence for vigils to honor Tiller. » 6/01/09 9:30am 6/01/09 9:30am