EACH Woman Act Would Lift Federal Bans on Abortion Coverage

Today in exciting initiatives that have virtually no chance of survival in our endlessly disappointing political climate, there’s the EACH Woman Act. The bill, introduced Wednesday by female members of Congress and backed by dozens of pro-choice and human rights organizations, would mean that every woman who receives… »7/08/15 7:45pm7/08/15 7:45pm

Abortion In The Arab World Is Sort Of Like Abortion In America

The UN estimates that 1 in 10 pregnancies in the Arab world ends in abortion, despite the fact that in most countries it is illegal except for cases in which harm to the mother is imminent. Between Western Asia and North Africa, one study estimates that up to 1.2 million unsafe abortions are performed every year,… »7/02/08 2:30pm7/02/08 2:30pm

If All You Have Is A Nucleus, Can You Really Be a Citizen?

As we're all well aware, one of the many prongs in the fundie battle for control of our uteri is to call the contents often found within a person. Well, in a slight glimmer of hope for those of us who don't think that this one cell can be called a person or a life, they've failed in Montana. State Representative Rick… »6/25/08 12:20pm6/25/08 12:20pm