Mark Ruffalo Sends an Awesome Pro-Choice Message in Mississippi

According to Stop Patriarchy, Mark Ruffalo sent a speech to be read at an abortion rights rally this weekend in Mississippi in which he expressed his frustration with the state legislature's ongoing attempts to close every last women's health centers that offer abortion services. » 8/19/13 1:40pm 8/19/13 1:40pm

Alabama Stubbornly Denies Licensing Application of Prospective…

Alabama, as in "the state of," has once again denied the application of a would-be abortion clinic operator to reopen the New Woman All Women Health Care Facility, which was famously bombed in 1998 by Atlanta Olympic Park bomber Eric Robert Rudolph. State officials had ordered New Woman All Women to close in April,… » 9/13/12 10:00am 9/13/12 10:00am

Mississippi's Only Abortion Clinic Will Remain Open, Thanks to…

Loose lips sink abortion eliminating ships. Erm, laws. Today, a federal judge temporarily extended an injunction blocking the enforcement of a state law designed to close the state's only abortion clinic in part because politicians who vocally supported the law couldn't fucking shut up about how the law wasn't about… » 7/11/12 5:40pm 7/11/12 5:40pm

Your Depressing Anti-Choice Propaganda Digest

Mississippi's "personhood" push combined with a wave of abortion restricting laws across the country seems to have emboldened anti-choice protesters. Let's take a quick, awful peek at how the other half thinks. Not surprisingly, their tactics are nuttier than a squirrel orgy. » 10/28/11 3:20pm 10/28/11 3:20pm