Debunking The Myths About Race And Abortion

Rick Santorum recently said he found it "almost remarkable for a black man" to be pro-choice. The anti-choice linking of abortion, slavery, and genocide has always involved a cocktail of distortion and condescension. So what to do about it? » 1/31/11 3:25pm 1/31/11 3:25pm

What A Horrible Doctor Can Teach Us About Abortion In America

In the aftermath of abortion provider Kermit Gosnell's murder indictment, one thing's becoming increasingly clear — the fact that women felt they had to go to Gosnell's clinic means something is deeply wrong with abortion care in America. » 1/21/11 2:45pm 1/21/11 2:45pm

"A Wedge Into The African-American Community:" Pro-Choicers Fire Back…

In a conference call yesterday, reproductive rights leaders pointed out the anti-choice targeting of black women for what it is: a right-wing effort to "drive a wedge into the African-American community and into other communities of color." » 3/10/10 11:30am 3/10/10 11:30am

"Womb Lynching:" On The Anti-Choice Targeting Of African-American Women

Anti-abortion groups are targeting black audiences with the message that abortion is a form of "ethnic cleansing." But as many point out, this strategy ignores the real needs of all women. » 3/02/10 1:40pm 3/02/10 1:40pm