SCOTUS Stops Horrid Texas Abortion Restrictions, For Now

The Supreme Court has issued a temporary stay on HB 2, Texas’ disastrous anti-abortion law, which would have closed most clinics in the state. That means the state will be temporarily unable to enforce the law; the Supreme Court will likely hear the case next term. This is good news, for now, possibly followed next… » 6/29/15 5:20pm 6/29/15 5:20pm

Satanic Temple Will File Federal Lawsuit Against Missouri Abortion Laws

The Satanic Temple, God bless and keep them, is filing a federal lawsuit today against Missouri’s abortion restrictions, where one of their members, known as “Mary Doe,” recently terminated a pregnancy. The Satanic Temple is arguing that Missouri’s abortion laws, specifically its 72-hour waiting period and an… » 6/23/15 10:10am 6/23/15 10:10am

Mitch McConnell Promises Senate Vote on 'Late-Term' Abortion Ban 

Since the country has entered full election mode, it’s time to start messing with women’s bodies. During a speech on Friday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised the Faith and Freedom Coalition that the Senate will vote on The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The bill — whose name seems like… » 6/20/15 12:45pm 6/20/15 12:45pm

Iowa State Supreme Court Says Telemedicine Abortions Are Legal

Iowa’s State Supreme Court has struck down a ban on telemedicine abortions, saying the prohibition is unconstitutional. It’s the first time in more than 40 years Iowa’s highest court has considered an abortion case. It could also have national implications: other states have considered setting up a similar system to… » 6/19/15 11:50am 6/19/15 11:50am

Arizona Law Requiring Doctors to Say Abortion Is 'Reversible' Blocked 

An Arizona law that would require doctors to tell falsely tell patients that medication abortions are “reversible” has temporarily been blocked. The law was passed in March; a group of Arizona healthcare providers, backed by Planned Parenthood, promptly sued. That’s because saying medication abortions are reversible… » 6/17/15 4:30pm 6/17/15 4:30pm

Supreme Court Slaps Down North Carolina Anti-Abortion Law

The Supreme Court has declined to rescue a 2011 North Carolina law that would require an abortion-providing doctor to show a patient an ultrasound of the fetus and describe it in detail, including the size of organs and limbs. A federal appeals court already declared that the law was unconstitutional because it… » 6/15/15 1:10pm 6/15/15 1:10pm

Very Reasonable Politician: Abortion is Causing California's Drought

California Assembly Member Shannon Grove is generating cascades of headlines over the last couple days for her very reasonable, well thought-out, scientific point of view that her state’s crippling drought is caused by abortion. She’s been defending that view to her constituents on Facebook, which, again — great plan. » 6/12/15 11:10am 6/12/15 11:10am

Woman Charged with Murder After Taking Abortion Drug Bought Online…

A 23-year-old Georgia woman named Kenlissia Jones has been charged with murder after trying to self-induce an abortion with a pill she bought online. Jones’ family says she has undiagnosed psychological issues and was unable to afford a legal abortion. At 5 1/2 months pregnant, after taking the pill, she gave birth in… » 6/10/15 11:20am 6/10/15 11:20am

Appeals Court Upholds Most of HB2, Texas' Terrible Anti-Abortion Law

In a sweeping and fairly disastrous opinion for reproductive health in Texas, a three-judge panel on the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld nearly every part of HB 2, an extremely restrictive law that could make safe, legal abortion access virtually impossible in the state. All but eight abortion clinics… » 6/09/15 5:10pm 6/09/15 5:10pm

WI Abortion Bill Would Allow Men to Sue Abortion Doctors for Damages

During his 2014 reelection campaign, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker disingenuously represented himself as being moderately pro-life when, in fact, he is an anti-abortion extremist. Anyone familiar with his politics and voting record were aware of this duplicity; however, less educated and less informed voters were… » 6/03/15 7:20pm 6/03/15 7:20pm

New Zealand Doctor Creates Free, National 0800-ABORTION Hotline

Meanwhile in New Zealand, someone’s trying to make abortion care easier, faster and safer. The New Zealand Herald reports that Wairarapa doctor Simon Snook set up the hotline to help people seeking abortions get quicker access to counseling, arrange medical tests, and make an appointment with an abortion clinic. » 6/03/15 5:00pm 6/03/15 5:00pm

The First Ever TED Talk About Abortion Is Happening Today

At the TEDWomen conference in California this morning, a quiet bit of history is being made: the organization will host its first talk about abortion, by Aspen Baker of the organization Exhale Pro-Voice. Just in case we’re getting too excited though, the same conference reportedly turned away the Kiva co-founder and… » 5/29/15 9:50am 5/29/15 9:50am

Scott Walker: Forced Ultrasounds Are 'Just a Cool Thing Out There'

In a Friday interview with conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker defended the state’s forced ultrasounds for people who want to get abortions, calling them “just a cool thing that’s out there.” Although “in here” would be more accurate, in that the procedure in early pregnancy, when… » 5/27/15 5:30pm 5/27/15 5:30pm

California Assembly Passes Bill Requiring Pregnancy Centers to Lie Less

The California Assembly has passed AB 775, the Reproductive FACT Act, which will make it harder for crisis pregnancy centers to actively mislead their clients. The act requires that CPCs post notices disclosing that they don’t have medical licenses; licensed medical facilities will post notices that California has… » 5/27/15 11:10am 5/27/15 11:10am

Texas Doing Its Best to Force Pregnant Teens to Give Birth

The Texas State Senate passed a bill Monday night that will make it near-impossible for teenagers to obtain legal abortions without parental consent. The bill dismantled the judicial bypass process, which once gave Texas teens a viable option to get an abortion when their parent or legal guardian either refused to… » 5/26/15 3:20pm 5/26/15 3:20pm