Air Force Responds to Sex Crime Scandal by Enforcing a Bizarre 'Wingman Rule'

Last summer, after 48 female military trainees said they had been sexually assaulted or otherwise unprofessionally treated by around two dozen instructors at the Lackland Air Force base, the Air Force reassured everyone they were launching an aggressive investigation that would get to the root of why so many… »11/15/12 10:50am11/15/12 10:50am


Air Force Rocked by Increasingly Major Sexual Assault Scandal

A sex scandal is right now spreading through the Air Force that is threatening to become one of the biggest in military history. There are allegations that a dozen male boot-camp instructors at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas assaulted, harassed, or had sex with female recruits under their command. All told there… »6/29/12 11:45am6/29/12 11:45am